22 Nov 2013

And Then, Let’s Get Rid….

Seems there’s another bit of confusion about what’s been said by that rascal Dave. I believe someone has said he’d heard from a friend that a person in a pub understands that an occasional drinking buddy knows someone who meets up with a close relation of an ‘insider’ who mentioned Dave said something, with a husky voice, that sounded like it could possibly be, “….get rid of all this green crap.”  Dave, if you did say that, and you weren’t just referring to the apple peel scattered all over your desk, I’m with you young lad. However, if, as is your wont and our belief, you said it but don’t really mean it, be it apple peel or proper green pain, well, situation normal and you still can’t call me a pal.

By the way, that seems like a jolly naughty word for a nice, well groomed young boy like you to use don’t ya think Dave? What sort of rubbish education did you get then?  Sent to bed early with no supper last night? BAD boy!!

Anyhoo, as the above bit hit the newspapers, a speaking-for-people-who-daren't-speak-in-case-they-get-it-wrong-person has supposedly said that they don’t recognise those words. Which words don’t they recognise speaking-person? Was it ‘cut’ or ‘green’ or ‘crap’? Now, as it seems to have confused no end of people from different camps, wouldn’t you think that Dave, him being the supreme leader an’ all, would’ve instantly called a press conference, complete with a minimum of 162 interpreters to ensure a good proportion of the population of these fine isles have an equal stab at understanding him, and set the record to rights?

Okay, I know, all it’d really prove is that Dave’s lips, just like ours, do indeed move when he talks but the actual words, although they’d be in the right order, would, once again, mean nothing.

This, being yet another amusing aside by our highly educated leaders, reminded me of an incident from the mists of time. I know, I know, ‘Oh Lord, please, not another tale from the river bank.’ Sadly, that it be, but stick with me as it follows on neatly from the above, okay? Okay? Oh, you’ve already gone…..

For me then; first off, I don’t follow football so names are not known**. Back in the mid nineties some UK club had a French guy playing for them who was, I believe, a pretty good player but also a bit of a thug on the field and thus, because of his roughness, not all that well liked by opposing clubs and the fans thereof.

On a particular Saturday, during a game, an opposing teams fan chose to hurl abuse at this player. Unfortunately for the fan, he hurled his abuse while thug-in-boots was in hearing range. This resulted in the thug-in-boots loosing it, bounding over to the fan whereupon a pretty one sided mêlée ensued.

Next day I was waiting for a flight down Heathrow the way and, spookily, found myself in a bar sitting close to some other guys, one of whom burst out in merriment while reading his Sunday papers sports pages relating to the Saturday incident. He was good enough to share the salient points with his buddies and thus also with a closely parked me. The article concluded, as best I remember, with, “At the end of the day it’s just another case of the s**t hitting the fan.”

**At the end of the day, via the magic of Google; nice one Eric!!

Quote;  Brian Clough.

“Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes.”

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