24 Nov 2013

And Then, You Can Bank On It….

As best I can make out, the guy who was top dog at one of our major banks was, allegedly, and in no specific order, a church chap, a financial illiterate, a drug user and a loin ender.  You have to wonder about the interview system employed by that banking group and it’s obvious it didn’t run along the lines of, “Please tell us what experience you have of running a major financial institution.”
”Err, actually, none.”
”Thanks. We’ll let you know.”
End of.

And now our glorious politicians are falling over each other to blame anyone but themselves – partily or collectively. They’re obviously playing for time and a ‘report’ that will lay all the blame for this debacle firmly in the dish of Mr Flowers cat. Bad cat! Nothing else to see here; move along.

The latest politico wheeled out today to talk without saying anything was that nice boy, Grant Shapps, who, it seems is never off the TV and/or the radio and appears to have more air time that Biggles. Another thing. have you noticed you never see Sherpa Shapps below the waist? Could this be because the school he’s obviously still attending, has a dress code that precludes the wearing of long trousers below a certain age?

All us folk down here can do is watch and wonder at this latest debacle and wait for the next which, as sure as eggs is eggs, is just round the corner. Possibly not that corner, but no further along the road than that corner just down there.

For all those involved in this disaster and presently scrambling around to become uninvolved, you may enjoy this.

And here’s that Sherpa fellow warming up the committee that’s been formed to oversee the selection of a committee that will seek to find a myriad of ways to bury any inconvenient findings found out about a bank.

Quote;  Dan Quayle.

“Bank failures are caused by depositors who don't deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement.”

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