27 Sep 2016

And Then, Painting...

I see from my televising unit that something called Landscape Artist Of The Year is coming along shortly. What’s that all about then? I’m guessing, from an entertainment point of view, it’ll be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Or, as it’s landscapes, watching grass grow.

You may remember I was  a bit of a painter myself back in the
the day.

Quote;  Andy Warhol.

“I'd asked around 10 or 15 people for suggestions. Finally one lady friend asked the right question, 'Well, what do you love most?' That's how I started painting money.”

26 Sep 2016

And Then, Let’s Link...

Not much to say today and even that is a tad more than I had to say yesterday. What do I have to say today then? As stated way back at the beginning of this post, not much. In fact all I have, for those of you even slightly interested in free speech, is this wot’s over at the Gates Of Vienna relating to the ‘trial’ – again – of Geert Wilders over the way in Holland.

For those of you fortunate enough to be fluid in Hollandaise, it’s the video of Mr Wilders trial opening statement. Fear not if, like me, you’re not up to speed on that particular way of talking, thus stuffed for the listening thereof, therefore the understanding thereof, there’s also a translation typed out below for the rest of us. Well worth a listen or read. You could always listen and read I guess, thus learning a little. Afterwards you can sit back, pour a drink – I’d go for a stiff one - and wonder where, and to what ends, all this stuff’s stealthily steering us.

Hold the back page!!  We knew it was already over here but it seems it's getting yet dafter.

Quote;  Neil Gaiman.

“Because if you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost.”

24 Sep 2016

And Then A Movie...

Well, as they say, I see Jerry Carbine has, unsurprisingly, won the ‘battle’ to lead the left. Right big smile all round then.

So, to get back to serious stuff, whilst motoring along various highways and byways today, with the radio picking up different local radio stations as we moved in and out of their range, I per chanced to hear two chaps talking movies.

They started discussing the new version of that cowboy favourite of old, The Magnificent Seven. I’ve also seen this ‘new’ movie advertised on that televising contraption wot we have in the corner of the living room. Anyhoo, what caught my ear came shortly after when their discussion ended and a listener phoned in and stated that he’s in the new version of The Magnificent Seven – he said he plays the part of Sneezy...

Here’s a toon to cheer you through the rest of the weekend. Remember Rednex? Back in the day, far, far, far away, enter any bar or coffee shop and Cotton Eyed Joe would be blasting out. Man, those guys made a mountain of money out of that song and most of what followed seemed to be variants of the same tune but this is a play on  a more traditional number. Have a watch and listen to The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

Quote;  Alfred Hitchcock.

“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”

23 Sep 2016

And Then An Anniversary...

I had a morning today that was, like, totally awesome this morning – I could’ve crafted that line a bit better you think?  - never mind, the awesomeness was the magical delivery to the desktop computer of the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

The delivery must’ve taken place in the background as all I had to do was click on that little Do It Now box and boy, did it take some time. Yes, indeed it did. So long did it take, I was expecting some, like, instantly noticeable new additions and improvements.

After the installation, that included a couple or three automatic restarts, I was breathlessly excited and good to go and let me tell y’all, I haven’t, at time of typing, spotted anything different what so ever. According to the info out there one of the major ‘improvements’ is to that Cortana thingy where you talk to your computer and it goes and finds stuff for you. When 10 first rolled up ol’ Cortina was about the first thing I turned off and I’m pleased to say she’s still off.

Happily, and thanks for this Bill, all my privacy settings were also as they were before the ‘upgrade’ so well done that man.

One thing that’s annoyed me since the dawn of the computer age, which is yet to be addressed, is that irritating blue or green progress bar you see when something is progressing. Don’t matter wot it’s indicating the progress of, could be a download, an install or a clean-up, it’s always the same; the sucker progresses along the line just fine right up to the 99% complete point then mysteriously slips into another time and space dimension where the remaining 1% is equal to the sum of the other 99% multiplied by nine. Come on Bill, get your boys to even it up a tad and spread the time load evenly, okay? They can do it with microwave ovens buddy.

Other than that, situation normal but I’ll let you know if I spot anything weird. Yeah right, like I’d spot anything weird.

Ah well, it’s done so wot to do now then... Oh, I know! “Hay Cortina, play some music. Pardon? Sorry. Please.”

Quote;  Charles Yu.

“Sometimes at night I worry about TAMMY. I worry that she might get tired of it all. Tired of running at sixty-six terahertz, tired of all those processing cycles, every second of every hour of every day. I worry that one of these cycles she might just halt her own subroutine and commit software suicide. And then I would have to do an error report, and I don't know how I would even begin to explain that to Microsoft.”

20 Sep 2016

And Then, A Damp Day...

Well, this morning my little nest of vipers ‘suggested’ we do some winter preparation in the garden. This, as is usual, entailed her pointing and me crawling, digging, cutting and collecting.

As we proceeded into the wild outdoors, I mentioned that there was a little light drizzle in the air which just got me a stony stare.

As the morning progressed the light drizzle turned to regular drizzle which, in turn, turned to light rain but what the hay, we were wet so we just kept going – she said. Wet? So wot? There’s little in this world a hot shower won’t kiss and make better. Holding the thought of a hot shower didn’t prevent this old song, featured here more than once before, if memory serves, running through my mind.

Oh come on ladies, it’s just some fun, okay? Makes me laugh every time I play it. Remember, it’s just a joke. However...


Regarding the shower and the earlier ‘discovery’ of lime scale removal using white vinegar, a little bit after a while ago I entered into communication with a recently graduated snowflake who said that while white vinegar was great from an environmental standpoint, it just wasn’t shifting the lime scale at all.

I made just the one query of them and instantly ascertained their problem and thus humbly suggested that they may get better results if they sprayed the white vinegar on the interior of the shower screens.

That was also typed just for fun.

Quote;  Ann Bancroft.

“The best way to get most husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they’re too old to do it.”

18 Sep 2016

And Then, A Bike...

Firstly, I must correct an error in yesterdays post. It should be, of course, money-Sinkley Point C and not A.

Out and about on a beautiful day which had also brought out many old guys on their treasured bikes. This had me contentedly humming ‘Too Old To Rock’n’Roll’. My happy humming was rudely interrupted by something else nagging and tapping at the back of my head.

I pulled over and, between the two of us, we managed to get that pesky wood pecker out of the car and we continued on our leisurely way. However, there was still some nagging going on and finally the word Vincent replaced the nag. That’s the nag in my head and not the nag sitting next to me.

This resulted in Richard Thompson leaping to the fore and finally, upon arrival home, locating ‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning.’

A great song with very poignant lyrics. For those of you who’ve just graduated from university and think I’ve just started typing in foreign, poignant is ‘moving’ and lyrics are ‘words’, okay? It’s a tough old world out here after school and, trust me, it’s even tougher in Appless situations. Pardon? Okay, try ‘tuff’  and ‘tuffer’ then.

Below is the song wot I be talkin’ about and I thought one of the YouTube comments pretty well summed it up;
“This song is what chrome sounds like.”


Quote;  ??

“98% of all Harleys ever sold are still on the road. The other 2% made it home.”