29 Jun 2016

And Then, It’s A Farce...

I still believe the Leave bit of the referendum, the bit wot won, is going to be either ignored or watered down using so much water the winning result will be drowned out to a wet remain.

The MSM is still in all-in overdrive and we even saw that a conservative MP, Anna Sour-loser, stopping off on her way to ‘work’, taking time out to address a bunch of young things demonstrating against democracy, and sobbing how she just couldn’t believe the result and her old mum was still in shock.  Plus the Leave ‘leaders’, they’re winners by the way, seem to be pretty much on the side of a sort of remain now.  I also feel Mr Mirage may have made his happy hour speech a tad too soon.

It’s a bit like being a passenger stuck on a pedalo needing to get upstream, on a leisurely downstream flowing river, to a place called Art Fifty, with the port pedals unmanned as the left are busy destroying themselves without the assistance of the voters, and the starboard pedals  being pumped in the astern direction by the right.

Sadly, with the port pedals unmanned, this is resulting in our pedalo turning in ever decreasing circles. However, the lazy downstream flow of the river is doing the work of the starboard peddler and gently, but with ever increasing speed, carrying us back towards the rock strewn rapids of remain. All ably assisted by the bitter head breeze of the MSM.

The only life-ring I see on these turbulent waters is that if we do, indeed, run back onto the rocks of remain and founder, at the next general election, with the young back in their safe spaces and seventeen plus million voters knowing they’ve been cheated by the elite, there’s every chance a purple tide will wash over the land. 

Was that a watery post or wot?

Quote;  Israelmore Ayivor.

“Remember as there are people that can help you to roll[sic] the boat of your dreams, there are also people who can drill holes under that boat to make it sink.”

28 Jun 2016

And Then A Result...

I see we’re out of Europe on so many levels now.

I do, however, believe that many young people didn’t get the football result they really expected and thus they probably spent the night in their safe spaces, bighting their pillows and sobbing, thus I believe an on-line petition should be started right now, on their behalf, asking, nay, demanding the game be replayed and this time round the Icelandic team should be instructed to play blindfolded thus giving those plucky English lads the chance to get the result they so richly deserved and the young so wanted/expected.

As for the team manager, it’s good to see he’s also following our Prime Mincers example of strong, resolute leadership and living up to the old adage; when the going gets tough - quit.

      England {Snowflakes} - 1    Iceland {Snowstorm} – 2     


Yeah, I know those little guys don’t live up the ways. It just fits the bill so well and it made me laugh is all.

Quote;  Vince Lombardi.

“If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?”

27 Jun 2016

And Then It’s Obvious...

...that there’s absolutely nobody in charge anymore and we’re left with the sound and vision ‘news’ media continuing with their relentless scaring of the gullible and the running down of our country - completely unchallenged. I think this comment, relating to Labours cabinet of shadows, pretty well sums up the whole sorry mess we find ourselves in;

”What we're seeing is by now the huge gap between the country's requirements for governance and the jaw-dropping inadequacy of our political class.”

Away from all that sort of thing, here’s something that may be of interest to a few of you.

I fired up the computer this morning and was presented with one of they Windows incomprehensible text message boxes. This one noted that Windows had detected another computer using the same I.P. address as this computer.

Upon careful digestion of this technical message, I eventually came to the conclusion that what it meant was another computer was using the same I.P. address as this computer. After giving this yet further thought, I thought, what’s that all about then?

What to do? Try, as mentioned before, Shields Up? Right or wrong, why not and guess wot, a port was open again. Guess wot port; yup, DCOM which is, guess wot, yup, a Windows communication port.

Was this opened again by a bully Billy Windows 10 update? No idea but if it was, Bill, it’s just considered good manners to knock on the door and wait until you’re invited in – not to just climb through the kitchen window and join me on the sofa, okay?

Anyhoo, I ran DCOMbobulator again, re-started and that has closed the port and got rid of the I.P. address warning thingy.

On further investigation it may well be the new tablets fault and would appear not to be anything to be too alarmed about. This doesn’t answer the question regarding a port getting reopened though.

Long story short; Running Windows 10? If you wish to make sure all you’re ports are secure from bad folk after Windows updates, check ‘em using Shields Up - I scan ‘All Service Ports’ - or any other port sniffing stuff you may know about. Is Windows 10 the culprit? I don’t know, but I’ll be scanning ports a tad more regularly now.

As an added point of interest, the spell-chequer had a hell of a problem with DCOMbobulator.



26 Jun 2016

And Then, A Cool Voice...

Further to the post of yesterday, forgetting for a moment the Tesco comment which is still making me laugh, relating to the misery we have to endure via the BBC and other ‘news’ sources, regarding their doom laden coverage of our countries future, a post in which I mentioned one glorious ray of sunshine, I found the sunshine moment in question. It’ll make your heart sing. Better yet, you think that BBC fellow’s squirming a tad as he seems unable to wring even a hint o’ doom out of the good Lord?

Oh look!! The BBC are still at it with the luvvies{?} and snowflakes - that being the descriptive word for those sort of children I picked-up from Nourishing Obscurity - at that Glastonbury horror show! You know what? I’ve a very creepy feeling that this victory may yet be ripped from our hands. We have a ‘leader’ who’s hiding under the bed-cloths,  clutching his teddy and sobbing, then there’s Jerry Carbine being strafed by his own troops and now Scotty Nicky Stun-gun saying that if she can’t have her favourite take-away NOW, she’ll block the whole shebang. What a mess.

Anyhoo, for now compare that wot is below to the pitifully forlorn Farron on TV this AM – can’t find a clip yet - talking the country down and throwing in the ‘fact’ that the markets had ‘tanked’  and the pound had ‘crashed’. And that’s only the start, said the lad. Meanwhile, in our world, the FTSE closed down about three percent and the pound went down, then back up  to year start levels. Tanked and crashed? Do these children feel no shame?  I’m betting forlorn made his mum walk him to and from school, holding his little hand right tight, right up to the day he left – a couple of years ago.

Dioclese summed it up with a UKIP quote. “It was a very British apocalypse – it was all over by teatime!”

What can we did? Take heart from this big hearted fellow:


With regards to Article 50, I believe this was covered by a commenter, Faulkner Orkney, over at I now know not where so please accept the usual, and oft repeated, apologies.

”I believe, as we speak, there is a committee discussing the possibility of composing a policy statement document outlining proposals to be submitted to the ratification sub-committee in anticipation of the leadership forming a composite motion detailing future plans with regard to their policy.”

Quote;  Stephen King.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

25 Jun 2016

And Then, Experts...

You watched or listened to the BBC since the ‘out’ win? Has nobody told them it’s over and they can stop with the gloom and doom stories? Isn’t it supposed to be the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation? Isn’t it supposed to be supportive of the country? Shouldn’t ‘they’ now be bigging-up the future and the opportunities available to one and all? They truly are the pits. As, it must be said, are the other lot. Patriotic? Can they even spell it?

Hold that! I’ve just seen a re-play of wot Digby Jones said on BBC this morning. Absolutely spot on that Lord! You know how to find stuff on that iPlayer thingy? Worth a try.

Also, you remember all those experts boy Come-undone insisted he’d listened to? And who wouldn’t listen to experts, right? It’s interesting to hear all the experts, I mean all the experts, when asked what happens next, now we’re heading out {are we?**}, answer that they honestly haven’t got a scooby.

Experts? Government? It’s like the thought of an ‘out’ vote was so far removed from their world there was absolutely no need to consider the idea at all. Remember back in our day the one thing we were always taught via the old quote? Always expect the unexpected - and you won’t go too far wrong.

And another thing; I see the online petition for a re-run is well over a million. There are comments all over the place relating to this and how sad these snowflakes are not to be able to accept the result of a democratic vote. I agree, but then I wondered, if the rolls were reversed, if it’d be any different. Lost boxes? Rigged postal votes? Aliens ate my ballot paper? Refreshments offered at polling stations containing mind bending drugs? We like to think it wouldn’t happen as we like to believe we’re on the side of all that’s right, but...

While sliding through various sites, two comments jumped out at me. The first, I have nary a clue where it was so apologies.

Hope has won in the face of fear.

The second I believe was at Guido Fawkes place and gave me great relief from the downing and drowning I was being subjected to by the news channels. Many thanks. I need to remember this little pearl...

”Was in Tesco's earlier and I heard the cashier ask a foreign couple if they needed help packing their bags...  I thought... F**k me. That started quicker than I expected.”

**Okay, why haven’t we invoked Article 50 then? Isn’t that the only legal way we can actually leave? Why are we waiting? What’s going on here?  Is that a really big rattus norvegicus I can smell? Do I need to re-sharpen the tines of my pitchfork?

Quote;  Suzy Kassem.

“People nowadays talk about the world's problems like they're reading lines off a teleprompter. They recite what they're told and echo it without thinking. It has become easier to divide people than to unify them, and to blind them than to give them vision. We are no longer unified like a bowl of Cheerios. Instead, we have become as segregated as a box of Lucky Charms. Every day we see the same leprechauns on TV acting like they're the experts of everything.”

24 Jun 2016

And Then, That Is It...

May I offer my heart-felt congratulations and happy daze to one and all who voted leave and, believe me, it was your vote wot won it. A perfect example of positive thought by the not so little people. It’s also good to see we got a ‘two for one vote’ deal with boy Dave gettin’ a kickin’ an’ quittin’. Probably scared of the idea of actually having to be a leader, right?  Dave ol’ buddy; it’s been well below average knowing you.  Bu-by. And take that damn cat with you!!

May I also say to those who voted remain; it’s over. There’s now nobody to hold your hand or wipe your bottom for you. You’re on your own so it’s time for you to find a learning centre near your home, sign-up for a basic anatomy course, re-locate your backbone and join us in the great adventure that lies ahead. There’s a country to rebuild out here and, left alone, lion hearts will get it done. The ‘building site’ will be no place for Timidadians.


Quote;  Criss Jami.

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”