28 Mar 2017

And Then Another Plan...

I noted a few days ago that the Home Secretary, Amber Rudderless, said she wants to remove all security and encryption facilities from a bunch of messaging applications and the like as it seems the bad guys amongst our newest, bestest ever friends could be planning and plotting stuff in virtual privacy.

If I read {red} that right, what Mizz Rudderless wants is to remove privacy functions for one and all; evil and innocent alike. Damn sight easier than just getting a grip of the bad fellows I guess. On the other hand, it could be seen as yet another win for the baddies; you think there’s an agenda at play here?

What next? Will Mizz Rudderless announces that it’s come to the notice of the authorities that the naughty folk tend to plot and scheme behind locked doors so from this day forth it’ll be illegal for any citizen to lock their home doors in case the authorities need instant access? This new law won’t, however, apply to any members of the ruling classes and those they wish to designate as ‘locked door legal’.

Look, as these bestest ever friends of ours are basically our guests, when any of ‘em start trying to trash the place, those in charge should be getting tough with all of ‘em. This is our home, right?

As previously suggested, for every person killed or hurt by one of these nut jobs, shut one of their places of worship, allegedly. Eventually the ‘good’ folk amongst them will just buy bath mats and do what they do in the privacy of their homes, the rent for which we’re probably, indirectly, paying. The hard liners will head for countries that espouse their belief system.

We all know that Amber Rudderless and her boss Theresa the Appeaser would never, ever sanction such action for fear of our bestest ever friends kicking-off in protest. What I’m guessing is that all those way above us are totally terrified of the fact that there’s a huge home team just waiting for the kick-off  whistle, whoever blows it, so’s to be able to kick the ball right back up the pitch.

Maybe the reason those ‘up there’ are doing everything they possibly can to prevent the visiting team kicking-off is the realisation that the home team would win decisively and then be very hard to contain in victory and would continue until all those involved in letting the country drift into the mire that needed such drastic measures to cleanse, had been brought to summary account.

What’s the betting that’s what’s concentrating the minds of those ‘up there’ and the reason for the slow – or not so slow, erosion of our freedoms and rights? I’m betting they’re pretty worried about the visiting team they allowed in, but absolutely terrified of the home team.

Quote;  Kurt Vonnegut.

“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”

27 Mar 2017

And Then An Adapter...

Well, so, the problem has been with my laptop Network Adapter. This started to manifest itself several days ago when my WiFi connection would drop out when I closed the lid and the only way to reconnect was to right click the WiFi icon and run the Troubleshooter. This worked for a time but soon the computer was dropping WiFi regularly and annoyingly at any time and often needed a re-boot to get it back – back for a while. Have you any idea, once you’re retired and have left the world, how utterly useless a computer is if you can’t access the Inter-Webs?

What to do; on the PC, hard plumbed into the router, I done did a Google and found this is quite a regularly faced problem with pages and pages giving the same cure – a cure that it seems, didn’t work for the majority. Me included.

Anyhoo, that penny I have I have constantly twirling in the wild blue yonder of my brain finally hit the deck thusly.

I mentioned earlier that fibre is rolling out all over this neighbourhood  and this, going by van movements, seems to be accelerating so I put myself in the head of the fibre installers heads and went to work; I roll up in the AM and am handed my job list for the day. Now I know that the sooner I say bu-by to the last customer, the sooner I’m in the pub thus I hit the first door, get in, drill holes, run cable, hook it up to the new router and ask the customer to open their browser. Can they see a Web page? Can? Good. Job done. Bu-by. Do I sit down with each customer and show them how to access the router settings and what all those setting do? You’re kidding, right? I say bu-by and move on – ever closer to the pub.

This got me – don’t laugh – thinking. More and more installations, more and more new routers and what’s the betting all these new routers, and likely many old routers, are all operating under factory default settings such as the classic admin = password. Yes, after my own setup, I did go and change all the passwords and amended the default security settings. I didn’t, however, check one particular setting that could possibly effect, affect{?} efficiency. So back into settings went I and, sure enough, there it was; the wireless channel was set to what it helpfully called the factory default of 1. Obviously along with countless other routers in my local. Old and new and more and more day by day.

Does it matter? One way to find out, right? I changed it, as you would, and at time of typing, the laptop is holding the connection rock solid as before, lid up or down, and the Web is whizzing along. In fact it seems far whizzier than it was before thus confirming for me, once again, that the easy thirty second fix was patiently waiting for me right at the end of five days of complex, time consuming non fixes. What can I say? is that really wot sorted it? You’re asking me? No idea, but it worked. For me.

There you go; if you have problems with your laptop losing your WiFi connection or getting a tad sluggish online, changing wireless channels may, just may, be a worthwhile starting point to try.

Oh, and if you’ve never looked at your router settings before, like all of us at one time, and you discover your password is password, it’d be, like, cool to change it while you’re there...

Quote;  Katherine Parkinson.

“I'm going to get myself one of those, um, movable computers - what do you call them...? Laptops!! I am bad. I still call my radio a wireless.”

24 Mar 2017

And Then, A Break...

Awoke to a beautiful day so we decided to forgo the news channels and interior painting and took a drive along the coast.

We took two stops and took two walks along two harbours which was just lovely. We sat awhile and marvelled at the aerial gymnastics of the seagulls as huge flocks cavorted overhead in obvious enjoyment going by their continuous, hysterical laughter. Laughter so raucously hysterical that, I believe, only two species are capable of such. Those two being seagulls, when they’re having ridiculous fun, and MP’s upon discovering they’ve got away with something totally ridiculous.   

We did, unsurprisingly, find a very pleasant place for lunch and found the food was as nice as the surroundings so we two ate for four.  All-in-all a most enjoyable day.

Now, what’ll be on the news tonight I wonder as it seems T-light and teddy time is already over...

Quote;  Douglas Coupland.

“Eagles are seagulls with a good hairdo.”

23 Mar 2017

And Then, Another...

Looks like it could be T-light and teddy time again this weekend then.

I have nothing to say regarding the sad events in London other than to say how relieved I was to be told over and over and over that those MP’s and others were kept protected and safe and sound in a safe space within Westmonster. Sadly, many humble folk on the outside, just going about their everyday stuff weren’t so lucky. So it seems, contrary to what I thought, that the first job of government is to protect itself, right?

I’m sure I must’ve missed it but, to date, I haven’t heard the MSM sneak in their views on the mind makeup of the perpetrator relating to his mental health issues and how huge government cuts to health care budgets had made it all but impossible for the fellow to get the help he so obviously needed.

As a further sign of how far we’re being sent down the rabbit hole, read this – okay, try to read this and shudder in despair.

Quote;  Terry Pratchett.

“Do you think it's possible for an entire nation to be insane?”

20 Mar 2017

And Then A Choker...

The good Caratacus provided a link to a toon I should’ve thought of yesterday. It is, of course, When Father Papered The Parlour. The further links are a treasure trove of humour guaranteed to keep you up way past bed time and chortling away happily. It’s a long, long time since I first heard The Bricklayers Lament but still laugh. Carry on and there’s Bob diffusing a bomb. “You’re on the beach and you’ve found a shell....”

However, I eventually ran into a link entitled A Little Girl Gives Coins To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return which, for reasons not yet fully understood, I found incredibly moving. It’s obviously ‘staged’ but it got me pretty choked-up and just this far, you see that? just that far from shedding a tear. Twenty seven odd million views? Makes you feel that possibly, just possibly, there is hope.

See? I’m watching it now and I’m choked again...

Quote;  Max Irons.

“Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. And a sense of humour. It's like medicine - very healing.”

19 Mar 2017

And Then I Hang...

Seems like a long time since I posted a post but real life has been front and centre for that intervening time – and will be for another couple of days to come.

Firstly, there was the hiding of the cable guys cable which, in and of itself, was no biggy. The kicker was my little nest of vipers deciding, once I’d finished, that the wallpaper was looking a tad shabby. My suggestion of tacking black bin liners over the top to hide it didn’t meet with her approval but, after counting to a hundred several times and looking critically round the room, I grudgingly had to agree.

The old paper stripped off easily enough and didn’t hurt the secret cable rout. Then it was off to the store for paper and we went for a heavily embossed one. Okay, she went for a heavily embossed one.

Got the first few lengths up this AM and was amazed how quickly my energy drained away and I called it a day way before the day had really got going and at times like that I think back to my days in the world and one trip in particular offshore Vietnam, which I remember as if it was only twenty odd years ago, when I got to actually strip off and actually get into my bunk four times in the twenty eight day trip.

The rest of the time it was just flop on top fully booted and spurred and grab a few while waiting for the next bang on the cabin door. That was a hell of a trip when, if it could go bad, it did. In spades. For all departments. 

However, it was kissed and made better when, while waiting for the chopper to get us the hell out o’ Dodge, a guy said, “Well, it hasn’t been much of a trip but we’ve all been together and that’s the main thing.” He was lucky to get on the chopper alive...

Hanging paper is like riding a bike, right? You never forget. Sadly, with my head now mainly full of fog with very little light getting through, and forgetting that Google is my friend, it took me three lengths to get the cuts right going into a recessed window. How sad is that then? Sad it was and another contributing factor in the early knock-off. On the plus side, while toiling away you can kind o’ forget watching or listening to the news although I did catch the online bit about that ‘march’ down London the way relating to racism. From the photo it looks like the usual suspects waving the usual signs.

Let’s not give it no never mind. I should get the papering finished tomorrow; assuming I can get out o’ bed at eight of the morning and keep going past nine of the same morning. And we’re all together...

At least I’m still decorating unlike Chuck Berry. He did, however, have a good innings unlike many of the recently departed entertainment icons.

Quote;  Karl Pilkington.

“Stop looking at the walls; look out the window.”

            Will Cuppy.

“It is really surprising what may be done in the home with a small can of paint, if you aren't careful.”