16 Aug 2022

And Then A New Choice...

   As the TV ‘news’ cycle fearfest continues, I spotted yet another scary item this morning.
   Seems the number of folk getting evicted from their homes for non payment of council rent or privet rent or for other reasons, is sky rocketing. Very sad but the kicker, for me, was the mention of the number of folk who could even be facing prison for reasons. Thinking it through, could our ‘news’ cycles be unintentionally - or intentionally? - suggesting a new life choice?
   Think about that; living on government benefits has become a life choice for many over the years, right? But now it seems bennies aren’t enough to cover everyday expenses so wot to do? Homeless with winter approaching?  You know wot? Go ahead and lock me up. No  rent, rates, gas, lecky or water bills to pay, no laundry to fret about, just a roof, three hots, a cot and no need to even get a TV license.  Also included is the chance to learn new life skills; pocket picking, scamming, the list goes on.
   Comfy? Close to release day? Punch a warden in the puss to extend your stay. We will see. Man, the stuff my head makes up...
   Anyhoo, finally, for all TV lovers out there and following on from the last post, here’s an old tune that still works except for the vast increase in the number of channels out there with nothin’  on.

Quote;  Joyce Rachelle.

“Don't be afraid to make mistakes. But if you do, make new ones. Life is too short to make the wrong choice twice.”

15 Aug 2022

And Then, DIY...

   Yup, still here but that thing called the real world intervened and left me no time to tap away on a tap-top.
   No, I’m not going to go into details as to wot the intervention was other than to say it involved kitchen units, water, concrete and tiles.
   Lessons learned? A big one; don’t ever again post anything derogatory or funny regards the building trade or botched DIY as, it seems, by forces not yet fully understood, shortly after said post problems of varying complexity will be visited upon me.
   Anyhoo, all done for now and it, sadly, sure brought home that old age thingy.
   Old age? At the risk of repeating myself, to all you young folk out there, do all you can to enjoy every moment the road of life offers you because when you get to my end of the road two things will become apparent; it’s cluttered to hell an’ back with tin cans that’ve been kicked down here and when you look over your shoulder, back down the road of life, you’ll be amazed how short a journey it actually was.


    In other news, drought, wild fires, storms, danger to life flash floods, possible power cuts come winter, unaffordable food but something called strictly come dancing will soon be on TV again.
   I’m quietly confident my little nest of vipers and I and me will pull through most of that list. Most, that is, except the last TV dancing thingy. I mean who watches that? And why? I guess folk do or they wouldn’t make the program, right? Never mind, there’s always Sponge Bob Square Pants...   
   Fortunately, our televisual receiving device has a channel selector and also a button to turn it off all together. Very high tech as all can now be done without leaving the sofa and having to walk across the room and back. I guess you have to be of an age to remember having to do that. Damn! Age again...

Quote;  Melanie White.

“Remote controls are quite handy. They let you see that there’s nothing worth watching on TV a lot faster.

11 Aug 2022

And Then, An Appeal...

     Seems gas and lecky will be unaffordable come Octebuary with the real possibility of blackouts. Scary? However Octebuary is far away so wot can we frighten folk with right now? Whoa! Polio in the water!
   No need to be all that frightened as ‘they’ may have got the wrong scare right there as ‘news’ of this is quickly followed by drought warnings...
   With these scary ‘warnings’ of a drought, how long before we get charity adverts on the TV? Something along these lines;
   Six year old Suzie Smithers should be at school but she has to walk over a mile, several times a day, in the blistering heat, to get water for her family from the nearest neighbourhood standpipe.
    It shouldn’t be like this in one of the wettest countries on the planet so a donation from you will help us dredge all those rivers, streams and brooks that’ve been allowed to block-up in order to save the newt so we at the charity, No More Newts, can give little Suzie’s family, and countless others across our country, the chance of clean, newt free water coming out of their taps again.
   Please contact HMRC today to volunteer a personal tax increase of as little as one hundred and fifty pounds per month for on-pass to No More Newts to help us make stand pipes a thing of the past – and newts... You know you want to. Thank you very big on behalf of little Suzie
. And our CEO...

Quote;  Theodore White.

“A liberal is a person who believes that water can be made to run uphill. A conservative is someone who believes everybody should pay for his water. I'm somewhere in between: I believe water should be free, but that water flows downhill.”