23 Mar 2019

And Then, An Absence...

Those of you paying attention may have noticed I’ve been absent for many days. This has been the result of me being suddenly unable to draw a full breath and having to present myself at the Accident and Emergency Department of the local hospital.

Despite the horror stories regarding this service, I was seen and admitted to hospital within an hour of me presenting myself and the treatment I received was everything you could possibly hope for thus I’m still here.

Twelve days later I was discharged from hospital with a bag of meds of some considerable size. I’m feeling a tad better by the day other than feeling as weak as a kitten.

Will I press fingers to keyboard again here? I’m not saying I wont but also not sure I will as the recent event kind of focuses your mind on what’s truly important in the time we have. Give me a little more time before I make a decision.

To all those who have paid me the compliment of looking through the Foggy Mirror, be well good friends and treasure every moment you’ve been blessed with.

Quote;  Rudyh.

“Life is like a roll of toilet paper; hopefully long and useful, but it always ends at the wrong moment.”

2 Mar 2019

And Then Jog On...

I’m positive you’re not in the slightest bit interested as to why I haven’t popped in here for the last few days and I’m not about to bore you with the reasons. I will, however, make mention of one of the reasons.

My little nest of vipers has been suspiciously subdued recently and I put this down to the fact finally sinking in that the sixty year milestone had been reached. How right I was as she announced she was going to start a fitness and weight control exercise regime.  Have at it said I, sensing there was more to this than press-ups.
”I want to do that running that I see many people doing.” Have at it said I, sensing there was more to this than jogging.
”But I don’t want to run round road. Can I have machine?”

After a little research, it seems – should I wish to join in at some time at my age – that a tread mill was the way to go.  Thus it was that a big truck rolled-up and two stout fellows unloaded a box of dimensions only a tad less than those of the big truck.

I got it set up in the dining room after rearranging the furniture somewhat. No big deal as the dining area hasn’t been used since the invention of the tray and the realisation that trays rested on knees in front of TVs. Thing was the spooky screwing together similarity with Ikea kit. All finished and unlike Ikea, with one screw short, I had two bolts, three nuts and two washers left looking at me. Sounds cool but is as equally annoying as this is motorised, heavy kit and although I’d followed the distructions to the letter, I had to go through the whole procedure again. Health and safety don’t ya know.  And? All was cool and I do indeed have spare kit that’ll sit in a draw, just in case, for ever.

I fired the beast up and gave it a test and let me tell ya it ‘reaches’ places I didn’t know I had places. At her chosen time, off she went and I withdrew to the sitting room sofa to continue my breathing in and out routine. I was expecting her back, breathless, in moments but she hit it for the full thirty minutes as recommended. I’m surprised and impressed.

Yes, I’ll join in but I plan to work into it gradually over a period of five to six months until I’m doing a full five minutes a day...

Quote;  Rita Rudner.

"The word 'aerobics' came about when the gym instructors got together and said: ‘If we're going to charge $10 an hour, we can't call it jumping up and down.'"

26 Feb 2019

And Then, Spooky...

There’s an interesting piece by A K Haart that, as I took it in, tripped on the threshold  of my head and fell against that big bell that wakes my memory.

Back in the mid to late nineties I was crew changing way down in Southeast Asia. All aboard the minibus that collected us at the airport and drove us to the coastal town wherein the heliport was located and as we headed into the town wherein resided the heliport, traffic was crawling along bumper to bumper. We were in the outside lane that was managing to travel a couple of miles per hour faster than the inside lane.

With nothing else to do, and having bagged a window seat, I just gazed at and into the cars an’ such as we drifted passed and eventually I noticed we were coming upon a minibus not unlike ours. As we slowly went past, I spotted two very attractive young ladies sitting at the back with a little white dog that was hopping happily between their laps. We momentarily locked looks and smiled politely at each other as my bus slowly hauled ahead and I continued my inspection of other traffic we slowly passed.

Wot grabbed my attention was the fact the dog seemed to be a pet and where I was isn’t noted for their love of dogs. Other than in a curry of course.

Fifteen minutes later, I spotted we were pulling towards the backend of another spookily similar minibus. As we crawled by I spotted two very attractive young ladies sitting at the back with a little white dog that was hopping happily between their laps. We momentarily locked looks and they smiled politely but must’ve been a tad nonplussed by my open mouthed, wide eyed look.

This cannot be; it couldn’t possibly queue-jump but wot are the chances of there being two minibuses,  fifteen minutes apart with two identical young ladies with a little white dog on board? Okay, not impossible and easier to get my head around than the weird alternatives that popped into my head; and I’ll never know... True story and, surprisingly, no alcohol was involved either before or during this minibus ride.

Quote;  Sue Grafton.

“Ghosts don't haunt us. That's not how it works. They're present among us because we won't let go of them."
"I don't believe in ghosts," I said, faintly.
"Some people can't see the colour red. That doesn't mean it isn't there," she replied.