22 Oct 2020

And Then, It’s Up To You...

...to check-out wot’s below, pulled together by the good Ripper, and draw your own conclusions. Me? I’ve been of the suspicious mind set since this pandem-a-doodad reared up and all those above us, ably aided and abetted by the MSM, started kicking it, relentlessly, into the heads of us folk down here.
   There is evidence emerging that the virus doesn't even exist - before you begin to make me a tinfoil hat, this is based on a study document by the CDC. Basically it goes like this:
   The CDC admit that the virus was 'unavailable', meaning that they could not isolate a complete specimen.
   If they could not isolate a complete specimen they cannot prove its existence. What they did have, was 37 fragments from a possible 30,000 and computer modelled the rest. The 37 fragments could have been from anything like common flu.
   You might get a security warning when you go to the site, due to the site certificate having lapsed. The site is safe. Do read all of this.
   More evidence on the same by Dr. Tom Cowan:
   When did Covid-19 first show up? That would be late 19/early 20 in Wuhan? Well, a test for the detection of Covid-19 was patented in the Netherlands in 2015, then again in the USA in 2017. Do take note of the name of the patent holder.

So there you go; Like it or not, we live in interesting times with an unknown, to us, end.

Quote;  Ismail Haniyeh.

“Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.”

21 Oct 2020

And Then A Fine Comment...

I found a fine comment early doors today over at that sight wot belongs to one Sir John Redwood which, if you haven’t already read (for read, read red) it, is well worth a read (for read, read read) below in blue. I’m quietly confident it sums up, pretty succinctly, wot an awful lot of us think. I do hope I’m not breaking any laws by doing that copy an’ pasty trickery. Especially from a knighted persons place an’ all...

DOM   Posted October 21

   Let’s cut to the chase.
  The British political class (government, unions, Labour, public sector and the social justice warrior parasites stoking the victim culture to incite resentment and extract legal and social privileges) couldn’t give a rat’s fig about human welfare or indeed the human impact of this virus. Their concern is political and how they can exploit this issue for maximum political gain.
   Indeed a total societal transformation is underway using the presence of this virus as cover. My TV remote control is now worn out as I flick channels each time I see any racial and gender infused program expressing their contempt and hate for white hetero males and openly denigrating them as though we are detritus
   Every action triggers an equal and opposite reaction. Let’s hope that the deceit, treachery and gutter nature of what we are seeing is eventually exposed and the ‘silent public’ take their revenge against every Tory, Labour, Plaid and SNP MP at the next GE
   Johnson can then disapper (sic) off to the US to make his millions making fake Churchillian style speeches to whoever will cough up enough dollars
   Your party to protect itself from the SJWs has deliberately embraced Marxist Labour’s Year Zero politics and exposed us under the cover of CV19 to a never before seen bombardment of propaganda to stoke self-censorship, incite shame, invoke guilt as per our identity and generally force us into silence using any form of strategy from the kit bag of Marxist reprogramming of mind, body and soul
   Pathetic and utterly without precedence.

Well typed that man I say.

Quote;  Anonymous.

“I walk around like everything’s fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.”

20 Oct 2020

And Then Relax...

If you’ve had enough of Co-Co-1984, despite Brexit, as hard as I find that to believe, come linger a while with this link passed along by the good Ripper. I have to say that’s one hell of a guitar...


While we’re on the subject of ear worms and hurdy gurdy sounds, I may as well fire this old number back at y’all so let’s ‘trip’ back in time; to a time before Kung-Flue when all we had to worry about was nuclear armageddon. Here’s hoping everyone’s still  ‘happily’ humming along to  this  at  four tomorrow morning o’clock AM.


Quote;  Winnie the Pooh.

“Hums aren’t things which you get; they get you.”