21 Nov 2018

And Then, Walk On By...

I awoke early this morning and stumbled down stairs. Upon reaching ground level, I was delighted to discover that, once again despite advancing years, I’d managed to stumble down rather than tumble down. I booted up the computer as I passed by and for those not as computer literate as I, that’s not as complex a task as it sounds; it’s the simple process of pressing a button and thus more commonly known as turning it on.

I then found the kitchen which also proved relatively easy as it was exactly where I left it last night, and hit the button marked ‘I want coffee and I want it NOW’.

So far so good. Then, coffee to hand I spoiled the feeling of wellbeing by screen reading the news. Doom, gloom and lunacy. Why do I punish myself every morning? Why don’t I just make a coffee, turn on the TV and enjoy Sponge Bob Square Pants?

Anyhoo, too late for today so the standout ‘news’ for me over the past couple of days, apart from 3D, was the plea from a high ranking police chap that they need the public to stop walking on by but to lend a hand when they see officers in trouble when trying to contain bad fellows.

To me this is yet more proof that these people engage mouth without engaging brain as he seems to have totally forgotten that a jolly senior copper locked himself in his car while a fellow officer was being stabbed to death. Hello?  So we’re expected to help because they won’t help themselves? That’ll work. If you did pile in to help, having fortuitously just purchased a new box cutter, one wonders where you’d end up assuming a successful outcome to the fracas. Praise or prison? Not a tough call these days. And that, good police person, is why I guess most folk sadly choose to walk on by.

Quote;  Milton Jones.

“If you're being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a tunnel, then on to a little seesaw, then jump through a hoop of fire. They're trained for that!”

19 Nov 2018

And Then, It’s Different...

To take a break from the political bedlam besmirching Blighty at present – and possibly for the foreseeable future – I partook in a little random clicking around that little known YouTube site last night and ran into a toon that’s so, like, different it’s, like, totally awesomely different. That is unless you’re already familiar with the ancient art of throat singing of course. Pardon? Yup, that’s wot I thought but...

Firstly, a few instructions; before doing the linky clicky thingy, don your ear buds or headphones, adjust that ol’ bass setting, and be a tad generous with your volume up the ways. Ready? Then click you may:

Now, if ever a toon was built for thrashing along open roads in the wilds of the countryside, this could be it.

ADENDUM: Come on, play it again and sing along this time...

Quote;  George Bernard Shaw.

“Nothing soothes me more after a long and maddening course of pianoforte recitals than to sit and have my teeth drilled.”

18 Nov 2018

And Then A Smile...

Before we get to the smile, I spotted two news items this morning via a Google News portal that demonstrate quite well how we are being governed at present. One ‘headline’ states that three fellows have been left injured after a shooting incident in, of all places, London. The ‘headline’ directly below that states that the government is considering tighter controls of fireworks. Heavens knows wot kind of a mess we’d be in if our ‘leaders’ hadn’t got their priorities sorted out in order of importance eh?

Okay, in these dark days it seems all those who voted to leave the EU have only one more thing to do; start a campaign to declare a date, round about now, to become a public holiday to be known as The Day Democracy Died. 3D for short. Sadly, even if we got one, we may have to forego any fireworks...

Right, despite all the doom and gloom, there’s still  room to laugh at ‘em and all power to those who take the time to give us the reasons to do just that. I feel fairly confident you’ll have seen this, but just in case. Usual Timidadian warning as the subtitles contain some rather naughty words. Have at it:


Quote;  Kirby Larson.

“There should be fireworks at last, when a dream dies.”