25 Nov 2015

And Then A Change….

With a tip of the crown-topper to A Tangled Web for this gem;

"Here’s the Belgium Health Minister, the wildly popular Maggie De Block,  who is leading the war on obesity."

It's heartening to see a government person, although not one of ours, who's not banging on about how bad for everyone everything is, as, going by the picture, one assumes her 'war on obesity' is to actively encourage and promote said obesity. Consumerism is king, right? Do supermarkets and tax happy governments really want everyone to suddenly go on lentil and tofu diets? Of course not. More and better obesity is wot 'we' need!


Anyhoo, if I've got it the right way round I'm on her side and will continue devouring all and everything placed in front of me and I wish her luck with all her endeavours for the promotion of obesity. Have at it girl.

Quote;  John Swartzwelder.

“I'm 190 pounds of rock hard muscle, underneath 40 pounds of sturdy protective fat.”

24 Nov 2015

And Then A Little Extra….

So Mr Osborn-Yesterday has 'found' just a tad short of four billion to inject{?} into the NHS. How spooky is that after last nights post? Sadly, it's newly found kelly and not a chunk from elsewhere. Does it matter where it's coming from? None of its real money is it?

This announcement has, however, been welcomed by all NHS executives and senior management who are now busy playing pick a big number for their next pay self-awards.

And now run, sorry, walk slowly and safely upstairs, firmly holding the banister with at least one hand, don your leathers… no you won't need the handcuffs or whips this time, and click here to whizz round the Isle of Man TT course courtesy, once again, of Ripper.

Ripper my friend, for a pleasant few winter evenings project, why don't you get Acid Express, a loop pack and put a version to music? Leave the original with the roar of the beasts for the purists of course.

At the risk of repeating myself as I'm wont to do, it's great fun and so damn easy to use; just drag an' drop an' stretch an' fade an' copy an' paste an' such, that even I, with the musical acumen of a tomcat locked outside on a freezing winters night,  can glue  this soundtrack together, so imagine what you could do.

Before that link I was going to say, 'Here's one I prepared earlier.' which, whilst, still in my head, reminded me of one of the first cooking programs on TV featuring Fanny and Johnnie  Cradock. Remember them? Remember the classic show with Fanny making doughnuts? Remember Johnnies program closing comment? "And I hope all your doughnuts come out looking like Fannies." Ah, those were the days - and may I humbly point you to another moment of early BBC beauty under Stuff You May Like – the clip from the children's program Movement to Music. Trust me, you WILL laugh out loud.

Quote;  Steve Martin.

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture."

             An old one;

Guy walks into a shop.
"Y'all got one of them Marshall Hiwatt AC30 amplificatior thingies and a Gibson Strato Blaster geetar with a Fried Rose tremulo?"
"You're a drummer, aren't you?"
"Yeah! How'd you know?"
"This is a travel agents."

23 Nov 2015

And Then A Thought….

I believe some guy will make an Autumn Statement on Wednesday. How does that go then?
"Honourable members, peoples of the United Kingdom; It's Autumn!"
"Yea, yea, yea."

Apparently not. It's something to do with our money and with this in mind, here's a cunning plan for George Osborne-Yesterday in regards to the whopping two billion{?} and counting, that the NHS needs just to tread water.

George – can I call you George? No? Sorry. Okay, Mr Osborne-Yesterday, you know that twelve billion pounds you slip off every year to 'help' folk in far away lands? Huge chunk o' change is it not? Why not cut that to eight and give four to the NHS? Say what now? Foreign aid is ring-fenced? Cool, but think it through. Yea, I know, it's that ol' 'think' thingy again, but try.

The NHS is spending huge amounts of their recourses treating people here who are from the very lands you're sending aid money to so what's the difference ol' buddy? Send it there for them to help their people, a somewhat dubious concept, or give it to the NHS to use helping their people that are here? The NHS treats a huge number of foreign folk, a number wot gets ever huger by the year, so the 'extra' money will still be a form of foreign aid, right? And how cool and companionate would that look? It's also possible that, as a bonus, a little of all that extra kelly, after the obvious NHS executive and management pay rises they'll award themselves with when presented with  buckets of extra money, would filter down and help some of the sick locals as well. Never try – never know. Pardon? Nevermind.

I would imagine, as this idea just involves taking this amount from that amount, keeping this amount here and sending that amount there, and thus lacks the convoluted complexities so beloved of governments, it's a none-starter.

Finally, for some light relief, please click this link for a time-laps bike ride with a very pleasant soundtrack which was kindly pointed my way by the good Ripper who's in there somewhere. Remember London to Brighton in Four Minutes? Man, how long ago was that?

With regards to my musical likes, I enjoy anything I find I like. Or, to put it another way, I find I like anything I enjoy. I guess this is the track I turn to on those rare occasions I feel a little blue. Great song and if those folk can do what they do then, for sure, I can get off my sorry ass and stop sulking…

Quote;  Jim Bishop.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

22 Nov 2015

And Then Another Paris….

As The country continues struggling back to normality in the aftermath of Barney, there's a good read over at Not A Lot Of People Know That relating to the true purpose of the upcoming climate do-dad to be held in Paris. It dates to a few days ago but a couple of you may have missed it.

The article centresscreenshot on this lady, Christiana Figueres, who appears to be yet another in a long line of nutters who've wormed their way into positions of some import.
What does she do? She's the executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change. What does she want? To destroy capitalism. What do we think? She's nuts. Although, to  be honest, you wouldn't think so just going by her photo…

"At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism."

Nice comment below the piece copied below this piece with the usual apologies to the commenter;

Rick B…

"That doesn’t alter the fact that Christina ‘Tinkerbell’ Figueres is the kind of unelected, unpleasant, incompetent, narcissistic bullying follower of her own lifelong vanity project that a troubled world would be better off without in a position of influence."

This lot would appear to be just another bunch of terrorists but this lot are able to operate completely openly as the majority of world leaders give them the cover of legitimacy.

Quote;  Kurt Vonnegut.

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."

21 Nov 2015

And Then The News….

I'm not like, totally sure if I heard this correctly as I was only listening to Today the other day with half of one ear as most of my listening power was tuned into, and waiting for the happy sound announcing morning coffee was ready. However, it sounded like the BBChild was interviewing some fellow regarding security. The bit that I'm pretty sure got through the half of my one auditory orifice that wasn't listening for coffee, was the BBChild exclaiming something along the lines of, "Do you seriously think an incident like Paris could happen in London?"

Was the presenter not aware of the goings on in London back in July 2007? Could she not remember poor Drummer Rigby?  Is this type of, one would assume deliberate, 'forgetfulness' just following instructions from way upon high as a way to airbrush history so that everything is 'new' to today and thus keep a lid on any possible accumulated anger and backlash? I can understand why they would wish to do that and it's probably best to settle for that reasoning because if you start thinking for any other reasons behind what's going on in the 'news', you could end up in a very dark and scary place.

Wouldn't it be easier for the MSM, upon hearing of breaking news which runs contrary to their 'on message' terms, to just announce five festive days of continual omnibus editions of EastEnders and Celeb Big Brother and such?  Myself? I'd go for marshal music…

Remember late last night when all the EU country leaders were promising to 'seek out these bad boys where-ever they are' and vowing not to be cowed or intimidated by them. 'They will not win; we will not be beaten; life will go on as normal.' Then we wake up and hear the news that the Prime Minister of Belgium has closed the capital, Brussels, for the weekend. Oh, and if you were heading off on holiday to Mali, or as newsreaders have now made clear, Marlii, in the next few days… Wot? Really? Well, the news says it's closed for the next ten days.  All-in-all, I'm not too sure who won that round…

Anyhoo, I'll see you tomorrow although it's quite possible  that even today isn't actually happening.

Quote;  Steve Maraboli.

“The bad news is that yesterday sucked. The good news is that yesterday is gone. Today's a new day. Own it! Shape it! Live it!”

             Lord Northcliffe.

"News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising."

18 Nov 2015

And Then, Full Alert….

To elaborate somewhat on my dental check-up of nine days ago, one week to the day of that 'check and clean' visit  a small lump of a small tooth way over on the top right – that's my right as I look out, broke off which is my general experience of check and clean visits. Back to the dentist yesterday and, yet again, there was a new dentist there. A very attractive young lady of middle eastern appearance, wearing a huge headscarf. 

This being the Monday after that weekend, ol' Foggy went into full alert mode noting the placements of all sharp stuff and weighty portable items within easy reach. I sat, and as my mouth slowly filled with equally pointy stuff, I tensed up into a coiled spring ready to leap, geriatric Ninja like, at the first hint of hearing anything remotely sounding like, Ali's Snack-bar.

My misgivings proved unfounded and all proceeded as intended. At the end, whilst I wondered how I could best shake the coils out of my over-coiled old body, the dentist explained that it wasn't a chipped tooth but a very old filling that had given up the ghost and to see how this new one held up.

I asked what the options were if it failed again and suggested that, owing to its position, an extraction could be considered. I concluded this idea by stating that the loss of an all but invisible tooth would in no way diminish my boyish good looks and what did she think? This brought forth no thoughts but the expected gales of laughter from the young lady dentist and her young lady dental assistant.

Once they'd stopped laughing, I put on my hurt, slightly hang-dog face and told them how hurtful I found their laughter and so, in line with modern world views and values, I would be considering legal action against her, her assistant and the dental practice for their cruelty towards me inflicted by their mirthful denigration of the high esteem I previously held myself and my boyish good looks in. Also for the mental anguish I'll now be enduring regarding  the possible need to update my social media profiles to 'Unattractive Old Man'. I concluded by stating that such is the mental stress I now feel, brought on by their cruel and inconsiderate laughter, I doubted I'd be able to sleep for a week.

Man, you should've seen their faces!! It was then my turn to laugh; then we were all laughing; then it was time to go on my merry way. I'm sure the rest of their day was a lot lighter.

Note; I did, as previously documented back in 2013, start with having to answer that old, "Do you smoke?" question which I answered thus;
“Do you smoke?”
”No I don’t. But if you feel it’d be beneficial, I have no problem with starting.”

Quote;  Jane Wagner.

"Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it."