17 Dec 2019

And Then, A Post...

Yup, I’m typing. Sorry for the absence but as previously typed, the desire to type something almost every day has diminished since the attack on my you know wot. How am I? I’m still here and still taking the tablets so not too bad.

I see that last Thursday the population firmly rejected the Venezuela model of government and left the left in a bit of a shambles and many a TV pundit with a sad face. Most entertaining indeed. It also seems Jerry Carbine and his sidekick – or was it really the other way round? – Johnny, The Mad Madumba, McDonny will soon be put back in their boxes. Let’s hope the lids are firmly nailed down this time.

Looking at the young lady line-up for new lefty leader it would seem we’re in for many a month more free entertainment. Boy, it’s going to be fun is it not?

Quote;  George Bernard Shaw

“He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That clearly points to a political career.’’

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