24 Nov 2019

And Then A Pair Of Observations...

The first observation was observed a few weeks ago during one of they TV weather reports when the presenter was drawing the report to a close regarding what was going on the other side of my window and was presenting his forecast for the week to come. So far, so predictable but the bit I picked up on was the guy stating that it was impossible to predict the weather for the end of the next week owing to conflicting weather fronts and their possible direction of travel. These are the same folk that’ll tell us that, without doubt, unless we take urgent ‘action’ that the temperature, on this day twenty years hence, will be one and a half degrees higher.

And the second? I’ve seen several interviews on TV featuring that nice Shallow Chancer, Johnny McRobber. The phrase of his that sticks, when asked how they plan to pay for all the free stuff in the world is that ‘higher earners’ will be asked to pay a ‘little bit’ more tax. The use of the word ‘asked’ would suggest those affected can, when asked, decline the request.

Secondly, why doesn’t any hot-shot interviewer ask what constitutes ‘A little bit more’? The man was on TV this AM waving his grey book of costings about so wouldn’t you think, by the seven powers of poverty and for all us folk out here who will never read any manifest details, the interviewer would ask Johnny to turn to the relevant page of his costings book and read out the ‘little bit more’ in the form of a percentage rise? Absolutely not; so just a little bit more it is then.

Enjoy the jig; the lyrics  - that’s the words – are for us:
We are all born free but forever live in chains,
and we battle through existence on and on!
We'll take whatever comes to be,
while keeping hopeful melody
and we'll cruise through the darkness
until the warmth of dawn...
....We carry on the burden and we hide our grimace well
for the day will come for us to mutiny...


Quote;  Nancy Isenberg.

“When you turn an election into a three-ring circus, there’s always a chance that the dancing bear will win.”

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