16 Jan 2019

And Then Priorities...

And so it continues with me, in possession of just a little brain, absolutely non the wiser as to where we were yesterday, where we are today or where we’re going regarding Brexit. The only thing I can see with startling clarity is that Old Mother May, and most others, are showing all the organisational skills of a kitten with a ball of wool.

With that picture in mind, it seems that  the instruction delivered to the government by close to seventeen and a half million folk, via the ballot box and at the governments own request, is being side-lined by those that know so much better and didn’t/don’t like the answer to the question they put to us.

To leave no doubt about them knowing so much better than us folk, I see that in these momentous times, those that would rule over us have taken time to debate the possible banning of  low level letterboxes. Hay, stop laughing! That’s some more serious shit happening right there, okay?
“Should the PM face a no-confidence vote in the House of Commons tomorrow, it will only occur after politicians spend 10-minutes discussing a proposed low-level letterbox ban.”

In other news, I see the burning of wood is now front and centre in the war on air pollution. If memory serves, nature originally gave us fire utilising the rubbing two bits of wood together so it’s been around quite a while now. Seems it’s primarily wet wood{?} so I do hope Drax and other power plants are keeping all those mountains of wood pellets nice an’ dry. However, I do believe the act of setting fire to wood has a dramatic drying effect. Let’s not start on the damage caused to the atmosphere by scented candles...

Here’s a little song for those in high places to enjoy while, with all the problems we’re facing in the country, they prioritise and wrestle with the problem of low level letterboxes and hot wood. A ‘new’ anthem for the mayhem of our times?


Quote;  M.F. Moonzajer.

“We do live in a world with lunatic and mentally corrupted people, and still you expect I shouldn’t smash some faces.”

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