2 Jan 2019

And Then, The Choice Of Words...

While out in the motor this morning and, surprisingly, paying more attention to the erratic manoeuvres of my fellow travellers than the radio, I did catch a snip, the context of which I missed. And that snip would’ve been, “...the children are enjoying fine spirits.” It crossed my mind that, rather than avoiding little girls driving big cars they can’t really handle whilst checking their hair is still looking cool, I’d rather be with those kids enjoying a selection of fine spirits. However, I’m guessing any parent who caught that might wonder exactly wot they’d allowed their precious little ones to get involve in.  

You think a more appropriate choice of words may have been something from a selection featuring ‘in’ and ‘high’?

Anyhoo, it do illustrate the importance of word selection in certain situations, especially if you happen to be a radio or TV reporter sort o’ person payed jolly well to get it perfectly PC.

That little clip reminded me of the old piece that illustrates perfectly the importance of capitalisation when writing or typing as it can result in the dramatic difference in meaning between ‘Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse’ and ‘Helping your uncle jack...’

Let’s give all that no never mind as the headline news today seems to be the escalation in the war on sugar. Never a day passes. How’s that no slippery slope thingy working out for you then? First they came for the smokers...

Quote;  Jackson Browne.

“Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: ‘Say, isn't that the banjo player's Porsche parked outside?’”

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