1 Jan 2019

And Then I’m Offended...

I was watching the TV news and paying little attention, when I heard something mentioned regarding public toilets. I switched on my attention receptors and it transpired some fellow was complaining, as you do, that gents toilets don’t have baby changing facilities. Personally, I found this most offensive as I firmly believe you should learn to love and live with the baby you’ve been blessed with and not be able to rush off  to a gents toilet, presumably when the wife’s not looking, to see if there’s already a baby there you could swap it out with.

Paying further attention, it seems this referred to changing a babies nappy and not the whole baby. I’m still offended by the reference to baby changing and plan to start a petition, as you do, to get the facility name changed to Diaper Changing Facility. Better yet, Baby Diaper Changing Facility.

Another revelation was when they interviewed some chap from the British Toilet Association. No, me neither; you live and learn eh? There’s even a link should you wish to become a member... Ah shacks ma heed.

Quote;  Alan King.

“You do live longer with bran, but you spend the last fifteen years on the toilet.”

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