30 Apr 2018

And Then, Tick-Toc...

So farewell Elmer Fudd and hello Savage Javelin. One has to wonder why the first one was even considered for the job and if this new fellow was chosen for the post on merit or the fact that he must tick a whole bunch of those politically correct check-boxes.

Oh what a sorry state politics has sunk to in this country. And the choice is? No choice at all. I still think the greatest political mistake made, and by definition a betrayal to all his supporters, was Mr Mirage throwing in the towel when he did. On the other hand, it could also show how dumb he probably is if he believed that everything would go along tickety-boo towards our leaving the EU.

Anyhoo, allow me to repeat, along with the toon, the fact that I’m just a simple man looking for a home for my vote... Any new party that adopts this as their rallying anthem gets my vote.


Quote;  Henry Cate VII.

“The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”

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