3 May 2018

And Then A Web...

To make me feel less guilty, I’ll start this post by admitting that the start of this post is pinched from TV advert.

Having had nothing whatsoever to type for a few days, coupled with the inclement weather, I took the opportunity to finish reading the Inter-web. However just as I believed I was clicking on the very last link, lo-and-behold, that link presented me with yet more links I’d never clicked on before and after clicking through a bunch of those links it became apparent that the end of the Web is still several clicks away.

I do remember, a long time back - yet not even a blink in time in the grander scheme of things - when the Web-a-Net was in its infancy, you could actually buy a book which was a directory of all the known Web addresses at that time. This book was about the size of one of those doing stuff for dummies books and rather than comprising closely typed Web addresses it had just three or four Web addresses and content description on each page. Today that would require a library would it not? How far and quickly we’ve travelled. Without leaving the sofa.

A recent ‘update’ I don’t much like is my first page of call of a morning coffee time. That would be Google News. It used to be nicely and easily presented but has been ‘modernised’ and now seems to be more like a low-end tabloid. You use it? It seems like all the ‘top’ stories now have top links that  link to the left using the Guardian, Independent, the BBC or Sky or the Mirror as the destination of choice. 

Yahoo News? Non-starter. Bing News? Hard to see past the pictures to see what’s really going on and it looks like there’s no choice at all on the clicky linky thingies.

Anyhoo, let’s not give any of that no never mind and Google News it is then and I’ll continue my quest for a good news site for my Home Page as I brows ever onwards towards the final page of the Inter-Web. I must be close; I’ve been clicking since the very early nineteen-nineties...

Sorry, it’s that famous Abraham Lincoln quote again:

“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”


A K Haart said...

I use Google News too and I agree - it is more like a low-end tabloid and does seem to have a remarkable number of links to the BBC, Guardian, Independent etc. I haven't found anything better either. Still working on it.

Mac said...

A. K. Haart,
Many users asked for a way to roll back - or at least have a format choice. Looks like those requests were ignored but hay, we’re just the users and the tinkerers obviously know better as to what we really want.