4 May 2018

And Then, More Pot...

Is that a grabber of a title or wot? Sorry, you’re going to be disappointed as it’s just to add a little to the post by A K Haart relating to potholes. Bummer eh?

There was a pothole on a street near us of a size that, after rain, when I wuzz younger, we’d {read' ‘we would’ not ‘weed’} have been out sailing our paper boats in it. No more than three weeks ago they filled him in. Again no flaming of edges thus I see today it’s broken down and all the tarmac is gone from the leading edge and you know wot? The next big rain will wash the mac down the adjacent drain where it’ll lay and harden untroubled by traffic. In time, after many failed pothole repairs and big rains, the local council will be puzzled as to why the drains aren’t draining as expected.

Also, how many drivers are now concentrating on the road just fifteen feet ahead of them rather than looking straight ahead? On several occasions I’ve moved right to avoid a hole, looked up and cursed the idiot driving straight for me before realising I’m on his side of the road... I use old age as an excuse by the way.

All this talk of potholes reminded me of wot pots called the kettle. Not sure if you can use that word anymore but I’m sure, as it be the weekend, I can add an old toon for your Friday enjoyment. Timidadians best skip it.
One smoky day in a darkened scullery
Doon by the river in a factory town
Where bad things happen and the walls are drippn'
And the ghosts are flittin' frae the cold hard ground
A pot and kettle on the hob were settled
A' hissin' their patter so bileous cruel
An awfy matter o' clout an’ claterin'
Battlin' wits in a hideous duel

Have a good one and mind those potholes – but keep your chin up it might be me comin’ at ya, okay?


Dam! Have I embederated or linked to that before? Never mind, he be good.

Quote;  ??

“In the UK we used to drive on the left of the road. Now we drive on what’s left of the road.”


A K Haart said...

As well as concentrating on the road fifteen feet ahead I sometimes take a quick peek in the rear view mirror to see if the guy behind me hits the big pothole I just avoided. Not necessarily a good idea though.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
So true and with younger drivers seemingly terrified of letting the car in front get more than six inches ahead, my ‘sudden’ avoidance manurers almost always result in the follower falling right in and in those situations, it's quite satisfying to behold...