7 May 2018

And Then A Jam...

Upon awakening this morning and noting what a beautiful day it was, we decided to venture forth to the first seaside town to the north of us to partake of lunch. I forgot the fact that today is a holiday and that several other folk would possibly have the same idea.  We set off early as her indoors wanted to visit one of they garden centres on the way and all went well until we were about ten miles short of our planned destination. At that point everything slowed to a two mile per hour stutter. Damn!

Luckily, knowing the area, after a short time we stuttered to a left turn that looks like nothing but a farm track but actually meets-up with another road after about a mile. A road that was similarly plugged northwards so we decided to turn left and found ourselves running solo  back south.

After taking a few turns so as to stick to the scenic rout back towards home, we ran into a small pub. Pardon? No, after parking, we walked into a small pub after we elected to take sustenance.

The car park seemed ridiculously over populated in comparison to the look of the size of the hostelry but nothing ventured nothing eaten. Upon entering it immediately became apparent that this place was one of those Tardis type hostelries as inside it was huge and full. I’m only guessing, but I bet most of the customers were also seaside traffic jam escapees.

The food was good and once replete we continued our meander back home marvelling at the unbelievable level of traffic crawling northwards towards the coast on all roads. Sadly, they’ll all be together again for the homeward journey.

In other news, I see the MSM, in the main, have taken the decision that we don’t need to know about that Free Speech rally held down the smoke yesterday. Stands back in amazement... There’s a bit about it here. And a bit here.

Anyhoo, here’s a toon that works on so many levels right now right from the name of the band. Enjoy and Bu-by.


Quote;  Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

“Stuck in traffic is not an excuse. It’s a sign of bad planning.”

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