27 Apr 2018

And Then, A Monopoly...

We went for a walk round the big town the other day and finding we needed a coffee and, as we weren’t  wearing our poser cloths, just dropped into the nearest joint. Good luck was on my side as the closest place was a burger joint so I was able to snack on two or six of they crispy apple pies.

Anyhoo, while queuing to place our order I noticed the chain is running a competition based on Monopoly. Seems you buy one of the boxed ‘quality’ items on offer, scratch off a tab on the box lid and match what lies below with the same image on your Monopoly card. Fill your card and win a prize? Seems simple enough I guess.

I placed our order and moved to the collection queue and it was then my head took a sharp turn to the right. To be clear, this wasn’t an involuntary turn as I planned it to see where the condiment table was. What my eyes beheld was a sign about two feet wide by three feet deep, possibly a tad bigger but no smaller, crammed with print so small that even with nose contact and glasses on I couldn’t read it.

I made my eyes move to the top of the sign and found readable print. You know wot? They were the rules for the Monopoly game. So not quite as simple a game as first surmised. Now that’s what I call ass-covering...

I just had to take a picture so this is them there rules below. It’s a rubbish photo but even so,  please don’t waste your time bothering with the be-bigger button expecting to be able to get it to a readable size.


Quote;  Frank Carson.

“My wife said to me: 'If you won the lottery, would you still love me?' I said: 'Of course I would. I'd miss you, but I'd still love you.'”

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