25 Apr 2018

And Then, No Time...

Scary news I spotted this morning. Yup, the bit about the alarming number of school kids that can’t tell the time using an analogue clock. Bag that with the news of kids diminishing vocabularies, disappearing maths and there really isn’t anything further to say other than the future, and I don’t know how far into the future I’ll get, is looking increasingly scary for this island. How long before we completely stop teaching the little rascals – sorry, the allegedly ‘fat’ little rascals – reading, writing and arithmetic then?

Also, I was out in the motor the other day and listened to a reporter who was ‘out-and-about’ asking young adults – millennials? – if they could wire an electrical plug. From the sample size, ‘No’ was the loud reply. Being of an age, I well remember that any mains powered electrical item purchased, a three pin plug was an ‘optional’ extra. And, when an electrical item was ditched, rarely back then, the plug was cut off and kept.

Anyhoo, time flies and I have stuff to do. “Hay Siri, my trusty tin can, wot’s the time?”

Wire Tap

Quote;  Dave Eggers.

“Books have a unique way of stopping time in a particular moment and saying: Let’s not forget this.”

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