23 Apr 2018

And Then, Sunny Daze...

Well, that was a few days of nice weather and, as usual, as soon as the temperature rose above ten degrees centigrade everyone out there ripped off their clothing leaving only the ‘bare’ necessities.

This year I’ve come to the conclusion that the discarding of garments is not so much because they’re hot, but more the desire to show off all those new tattoos they’ve had done during the cold winter months.

Looks to me like the days when tattoos were the preserve of the young fellow wishing to project the message, “I’m the hardest fellow in this bar. At this time.”  are long gone and now it’s not unusual to see even old grannies with a tatt or two. And let’s not forget the increasing numbers of granddads with ear studs. However, I haven’t seen anyone sporting a nose bone yet. Yet.

Of course, to go with the ink, we also have huge amounts of weird coloured hair. Every pale, unreal looking shade of the rainbow, sometimes all on one head, seems to be the new normal. It’s small wonder the traditional circus is in rapid decline. For the price of a coffee at a street-side cafĂ© you can just sit there and let the circus continually parade past.

One wonders wot the next fad will be. I myself feel the tatt artists are missing a big trick to hold their client base and win new customers. How about luminous tatt ink then? Oh, and hair dye. That’d brighten up the dull winter evenings no end.

Hay, all you tatted, pierced and multi hued hair folk, please don’t take offence; your body – your choice but may I offer a friendly word of warning to all you young folk out there? Please consider there’s always a chance the tatt fad may fade and, as you get older, you may find yourselves under threat of deportation as a suspected illegal from the Polynesian Islands.  Whoa! How’s that for tatts? Not many hearts and roses there then.

I can picture aliens looking down on Earth, seeing all the ink and hair, all glued to our five inch screens as we wonder aimlessly around and saying, “You know wot? Let’s skip this and go back to that big rock the other side of the Galaxy  and say ‘hi’ to that fungus we spotted.”

The quote below is actually a comment relating to an article regarding the fact that some lord or such had been decrying the totally unacceptable right wing bias of the BBC. No, really! Anyhoo, I laughed when I read {for read, read red} the comment and I’m smiling now as I paste it below. Love it. Thank you Teefa.

Quote;  Teefa.

”We all know Radio 4 attracts a huge crowd of right wing skinheads. They get them hooked with episodes of the Archers then gradually introduce them to racist ideas hidden in the shipping forecasts.”

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