13 Mar 2018

And Then An Open Letter...

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a nice open letter to Trumpton over at AltNewsMedia.net you may enjoy.

Me? Not too sure. It may all be fake news of course as I don’t remember hearing anything relating to the topics on the BBC... Oh, right, the BBC and the gentle art of censorship by omission.

Anyhoo, have a read and see what you think. You may wonder if we’re on a slippery slope or an equivalent to the Cresta Run.

As for that Russian thingy, I see Vlad the Lad’s lads - you could call them the defence - want to see all our files relating to facts gathered and the evidence that supports the assumption that they’re the naughty boys and also want  a sample of the toxin allegedly used. As the accused, I guess that’s their right but one has to wonder if that’s going be a tad problematical for the prosecution.

Quote;  Thomas Sowell.

“The media are less a window on reality, than a stage on which officials and journalists perform self-scripted, self-serving fictions.”

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