26 Feb 2018

And Then A Little Reflection...

I didn’t watch ol’ Jerry Carbine giving his much anticipated speech relating to Brexit – whatever that is - as it’s a given the BBC will be looping twenty minute highlights every thirty minutes for the foreseeable future anyway. I did, however, catch that BBC fellow, Norman Smith, giving his take on the speech. Sadly, I can never hear ol’ Norman over his love of loudly emphasising random words while wildly gyrating his body in all directions. All conducted with wavy stabby hands. Not sure what he actually is. You think he’s a closet thespian? Or possibly a failed mime?

With regards that mythical Brexit thingy, to this day folk criticise young Cummerbund for his betrayal for quitting and running away the day after the referendum result as it didn’t go his way. For me, as big a betrayal was Mr Mirage evaporating as the sun rose over the win because it DID go his way. ‘My job here is done.’ Yeah, right.

Finally, I’ll close with something easy to relate to. It’s a comment I ran into which, without a second thought, I shamelessly decided to steal by way of that copy thingy, edit it somewhat and glue it here. With apologies and thanks to the originator, Bocajuniorschool.

A once proud country now turning into a third world shithole.
A world leading military now a worldwide laughing stock.
A respected police force now the nail painting arm of social services.
A corrupt elite slyly derailing the biggest democratic vote in our history.
But there is hope; we’re going to ban plastic drinking straws!!
F--k me sideways. We built an empire and now we can't even fill potholes.

Quote;  Alice Walker.

“Those in power must spend a lot of their time laughing at us.”

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