23 Feb 2018

And Then, A Cranky Old Man...

Proof of the power of advertising hit home again the other evening while watching TV and I spotted a car advert. Did I suddenly feel the need to own the new BMW? No, but did feel the need to once again listen to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Now there’s a toon to get your teeth into. Ear thingies and bass recommended. Also now added to my jukebox left the ways with the cleverly shortened title of Devils Tattoo.

While I was stuck in the Tube-of-You I accidently ran into wot’s below and after a little investigation – that would be typing stuff into Google by the way – it seems this poem has an intriguing history all of questionable provenance but there’s no need to consider that too much; it’s just heart wrenchingly poignant. Having said that, I guess that pretty much depends which end of the road of life you’re standing at. At my end, I can empathise easily also having witnessed such in others. However, if you’re just a pup and it looks like an awful long journey you’ve recently set out on, may I humbly offer you this advice? Life’s an optical illusion and that road you’re traveling isn’t as long as it looks from your end so try not to blink or you’ll miss a good chunk of your trip.


The line I’ve chosen to take on board? “Inside this old carcass, a young man still dwells...” Doing my best anyway as exemplified by the musical link higher up in this jumble of miss-matched words. If that saddens your Friday somewhat, please revert to that musical link above. Better still, join me down the pub. That’ll be me over by the fire on my fifth pint of Drambuie shandy. Easy on the lemonade...

Quote;  Truman Capote.

“Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.”


Ripper said...

I will consider myself old when I am no longer physically able to ride my bike. But its not the years in your life that matter. Its the life in your years.

Mac said...

Are you ready for this my friend?
It's my sisters birthday next week so I got her a card while shopping early this morning. When I got home I found your comment and things took a creepy turn.
The wording on the card I got? "Its not the years in your life that matter. Its the life in your years."
Oh ho, there's that do-do, do-do, do-do, music again...

Ripper said...

A coincidence I agree, but given that is a popular meme I wouldn't worry too much. It shows that you and I are like minded.

The old man video is great, and I was so impressed by the BRMC tune I've downloaded it and added it to my track list. You must spend more time on Youtube than I do, to keep coming up with such good stuff.

Mac said...

It's a tough call some evenings. The TV with another talent(?) contest, another cooking competition or randomly clicking round YouTube. Seek, and with luck, you can find a little wheat amongst the chaff.
Have good days old friend.