26 Sep 2017

And Then, Hide And Seek...

I trust you’ve all been keeping up with that Labour Love-in thingy? How many times have you run out of the pretend money they’re promising? After about one hour of day one I figured  ‘we’ were broke. It’s all a tad sad isn’t it? However, wot a delight it is to see the parties of the right continually ripping all their goofy ideas to total shreds. Oh, hang on a minute... Look!! Look!! A squirrel!!

I can’t remember where I heard this, but it seems that Jerry Carbine’s gangs plans to take all kinds of businesses and their money may be, surprisingly, met with some resistance from those about to be robbed and in view of this his gang have been conducting ‘war games’ to find the best way to counter and defeat those pesky folk who want to hang on to their businesses and money. That would be folk like us and our property and kelly when the second phase swings into action of course.

Two things spring to mind with that news. Firstly, if socialism’s so damn cool, you’d think that everyone would be cheering along with the idea of giving everything they have to the state so’s the state can redistribute it all amongst... who exactly? Their closest and bestest friends? The needy? Okay, the needy it is then and that would be us after phase two, right? All we’d have to do is collect our soup coupons once a month thus enabling us to sit in front of the TV, cold soup in hand, for the evenings obligatory three hours of marshal music and reruns of stirring old speeches. Wots not to like?

The other thought and probably closer to the truth, is twofold. I’m pretty sure big business is way ahead of Jerry’s boys in expertise and don’t need no ‘war games’ to figure out how to hang on to wot they’ve got. Finally, Jerry and his gang obviously know how popular socialism is if these ‘war games’ are deemed necessary. Room for a good line of searching questioning there MSM? No? Oh, look!! Look!! Another squirrel!!

Quote;  Thomas Sowell.

“People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.”

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