24 Sep 2017

And Then, Prepare...

Well, Old Mother May-be-going, that would seem to have gone down well. Well done old girl.

Wot would you like to bet, that now the conservatives, little ‘C’, have been successfully hoist by their own MayTard, and Jerry Carbine could well become the next to lead the country, that is lead it towards a socialist utopia, that big business and indeed big everything are, even at this early stage, well ahead with their contingence plans for such an eventuality? I bet their plans are way in advance of any plans they had in place in the event of an ‘out’ vote in that EU referendum thingy.

Even though it’s Sunday, I can imagine huge sums of ‘off balance sheet’ money quietly leaving these shores; just in case. The wealthy may even be toying with the idea that a modest penthouse in Peking could be preferable to  eventually being reduced to a prefab in Peterborough.

My advice? If you have a garage, make your car get used to living outside and slowly fill the space with tinned food and toilet rolls. It will be impossible to convince the young of course, but if/when Jerry and his gang get to the top it’s not going to be pretty or end well.

Quote;  Thomas Sowell.

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

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