28 Sep 2017

And Then A Can...

Every elderly generation accuses the young of being incapable of disposing of litter correctly and each generation is sure the litter problem is getting worse. Trust me, it’s not their/our fault. It’s the fault of all those politicians, bureaucrats and managers of anything and everything throughout this and past generations.

Care to explain? Okay, since the beginning of time there have been top folk, be it top family guy, top tribe guy, top village guy or whatever, and frequently, these top fellows have been presented with problems to sort out. Almost as frequently, the top chaps decided, in the interests of a quiet life, to put off confronting the problem. Thus the problem solving was put on hold in the hope the problem would go away or be forgotten.

Over time, this became known as kicking the can down the road and we’ve all kicked a can down there at some time thus with an ever increasing population and each passing generation faced with ever increasing complexities involved with day-to-day living and problem solving, can kicking has increased. {I was going to type, ‘can kicking has increased exponentially’ but not being totally sure what ‘exponentially’ really means I chose to leave it out.}
Note to politicians; if you’re not one hundred percent sure you fully understand what you’re about to say – don’t say it.

So far so confused? Well, remember that for every action there’s a reaction and all those metaphorical tin cans had to end up somewhere and, through some aberration in the space/time continuum,** not yet fully understood, they eventually, once gravity comes into play, materialise as real tin cans in the real world. The determination of the can kicker would determine how far down the road of time and space the metaphorical can got before it came to rest in the real world.

See? So when you go out and you’re confronted by copious numbers of tin cans everywhere, it’s not ‘our’ fault, they’re part of our past and, to repeat myself, with an increasing population, advances in technology and the complexity of life resulting in ever more cans needing to be kicked from the here and now to the there and then, you have to feel sorry for future generations. Plus, of course, all the cans yet to appear here.

On the plus side, again with technology leaping ahead plus the advances in robotics, resulting in those future generations having little to nothing to do, there will be absolute mountains of tin cans to collect and weigh-in at the local scrappy for a few bob so it’s not all bad.

I’m presently preparing my application for further funding so’s I can continue my research into the practicality of kicking visible cans up rather than down the road thus returning them to the original can kicker which will have the kick-on effect of somewhat solving the litter problem. This, of course, isn’t going to be cheap research.

**I’m a tad lost on that word as well and having looked it up I discovered I don’t understand definition either. But it’s a big word and sounds clever. Continuum: A continuous nonspatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct or distinguishable from adjacent parts.

Quote;  Ron Brackin.

“The massive doors of Area 51 closed behind him, echoing like iron thunder. Carl stood for a moment, inhaling the hot desert air, wondering whether to tell the world the wonders he had seen, and, if so, how. Amazing things. Other-worldly things. Also a set of car keys. And one brown sock.”

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