30 Sep 2017

And Then, This an’ That...

My mind went on an away-day after seeing the news recently that a Bradford school has ‘forbidden’ sausage rolls and porkpies to be part children's lunch nosebag. This, by the way, is for health reasons and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with appeasing the kids belonging to our newest bestest ever friends.

That sent me spiralling in a similar direction and got me wondering when and how all those other small, fringe prohibitionist and puritanical groups managed to make such ‘progress’ in so short a time against overwhelmingly greater numbers who’re against wot they’re against.

When did it all kick-off? Was it alcohol prohibition in the US? Did all those that followed not look at that and think, ‘Oh ho. That didn’t go too well then.’ Lessons learned as they say?Obviously not so wot we got is more of the same and more stuff to be aghast at. Are they just like sharks and smelt money in the water?

What have we got now; the anti-smokers, such ‘progress’ was made, again by the few against the many, that wot came next was of little surprise. Sugar collapsed without a whimper. Fat? You like a sweet fizzy drink? Those were the days eh? Kids lunch boxes and so much more just round the corner. How about universities an’ such ‘no platforming’ speakers. Free speech? Sure, if it’s what they want to hear. Small groups dictating their preferences over one and all.

This sent me back to a past post relating to the road of life and how damn short it was/is once you get to my end of the road. Incidentally, that post may also have been my first mention of tin cans.

All this, plus recent posts here and there relating to arriving at end game territory, got me thinking while driving the other day. By-the-by, I heartily recommend thinking while driving as it tends to keep you out of all kinds of nine-line binds.

Anyhoo, a few words formed up in my simple mind.  Now I’m not sure if I can lay claim to the order I’ve put those words in as it seems a tad too clever for me and may well have been something I’ve heard or read {red} some time ago and it’s been tucked away in my four kilobyte random access memory for a long time. Please understand that for me, ‘a long time’ could be as long ago as yesterday evening. If there is an original author out there, please forgive me; I’m just a confused old man with a QWERTY keyboard.

To set the mood, I found this, via a TV show soundtrack, wot I can’t remember hearing before and I find it hauntingly melancholic and feel it’s a suitably sombre number to accompany the few words wot are below. Please click play then read on. In this instance, please read read as read. Thank you. Ready? {Read {red} to sound like redy}.


The majority of people are divided in their belief as to whether there is life after death.
Prohibitionists and puritans on the other hand, are unanimous in their believe that there should be no life even before death.

Quote;  H. L. Mencken.

“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”


A K Haart said...

"The majority of people are divided in their belief as to whether there is life after death."

What beats me is why anyone would want to believe in life after death. Apart from the ridiculous nuttiness of the idea, oblivion is bound to be much more peaceful.

Ripper said...

I believe in reincarnation. After my death I intend to return as a table cloth. This is because I'll get laid 4 times a day and pulled off every night.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
How true. What a fate, to end up with all who’ve come before, all attempting to be insufferably jolly - as instructed - for ever.

Mac said...

Can’t argue with that.
Is the process to become a reincarnationist complex?