4 Aug 2017

And Then Two Nutshells...

Below is a comment that has come front and centre for this evening. It’s a perfect nutshell so please find below a beauty from the good Caratacus who informs us that it was originally posted over at The Slog a few days ago:

  When we were first (unbelievably) informed that we were to be allowed to have a say about Yurp, my initial reaction was one of huge relief. Surely now the great British public would rally to the call and tell the assembled worthies in HMG and the EU precisely where to poke their ideas of a federalised super-state with its over-weening fancies regarding EU forrin policies, an EU army, the euro and various other matters. Of late, however, now that we have duly delivered said eight lace-holes, I have been a bit pensive with ref. to the alternatives as presented by the representatives of HMG and the EU.
  We’ve been banging on so long about wresting the right to make our own laws from our overlords in Brussels I rather fear we forgot to have a bit of a squint at the fellows in Westminster to whom this responsibility will now be referred. In short, they are appalling. I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t trust 90% of them to tie their own shoelaces unaided. They are, for the most part, stupid, self-serving, totally untrustworthy, utterly dishonest and short-sighted plonkers and I wouldn’t trust them to organise an orgy in a brothel with their private parts wrapped in new £20 notes. And yet these are the folk upon whom we will rely to write our Laws once we have left the EU.
  Would anyone mind if I sort of gave up at this point and planned accordingly?

Another perfectly formed nutshell is a comment to a piece regarding the governments tentative plans to attempt to spy on all our clicks. Look again at those who govern us and those in waiting to do likewise, and despair.  There are a few notable exceptions, but those exceptions seem to be kept well away from any and all actual decision making areas. Endily, I apologise to the author for forgetting their name and the site this comment is from:

  On the one hand, it’s deeply worrying that the government is seeking to create a surveillance culture that encompasses spying on all digital media.
  On the other, that same government would struggle to arrange a children’s party if provided with a clown, a bouncy castle, some children and an unlimited supply of jelly.
  So it’s hard to say whether we should be worried or mildly amused.

I have nothing to add to the bits above wot I’ve cleverly made look a lot heavier and darker than the rest. It’s wot us computer geeks and script kiddies call ‘bold’ by the way. Bold, by a spooky coincidence, being something else our politicians are scared to be unless it’s applied to some pet lunacy that’ll leave the rest of us shaking our heads.

Quote;  Harry S. Truman.

My choice early in life was between whether to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference.

            Mark Twain.

''Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.''

           Will Rogers.

''Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.''


Caratacus said...

Thanks as ever Mac for your kind words; the second - sadly anonymous - comment is far better, whimsical and succinct than my wandering drivel, however.

We have only to look and listen to Mrs. Gove's little boy performing another screeching 180 on the matter of reinstituting our fishing limits to realise that most of them can be got at or bought off. Most of them are carrying questionable baggage of one sort or another and can be relied upon to tell us, yet again, that turds are honeycakes when instructed to do so by their masters.

Mac said...

My pleasure, but please don’t belittle your own words. They’re yours, from your heart. They speak simply and clearly of the place we find ourselves and the darkness our ‘betters’ seem to be driving us towards as part of what must be some hidden ‘grand plan’ as it’s hard to believe these folk are as incompetent as they seem.
The second comment? A little light to hold up against the coming darkness.