7 Aug 2017

And Then, A Little Nothing...

Whiling meandering round the countryside today, we chanced upon a fine little pub and stopped for what transpired to be a fine lunch.

This, for some reason, reminded me of the old joke{?} wot goes something like this:
It’s our wedding anniversary so I’ve booked us a table for tonight.  It’ll probably end
in tears. She hates snooker.

And that took me ever further into the unreal world of the imminent future when we’ll be allowed to wake and while choosing wot shirt to wear, we’ll soon be able to take it one step further and decide between trousers or a dress dependant on wot gender we’ve settled on for the day. Play the video and you’ll get a feeling for the possible number of ‘sub-gender’ choices that may become available to the adventurous. As they say, it’s a funny old world.

Quote;  Robin Williams.

“We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.”

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