3 Aug 2017

And Then, Up She Goes...

With the latest news that British Gas is hiking electrickery prices, there were a couple of comments, amongst many good ones, that worked for me over at the site of that nice Dr Redwood that I’ve copied over here. I particularly like the first but sure wouldn’t bet the bank on seeing too many window stickers, other than fraudulent ones of course, as the signalling is a country mile away from the doing bit as became apparent when you note how many of those virtue signalling lefty luvvies actually did give shelter from the storm to some of they ‘shave the children’ gimmigrants.

They Work For Us?

  Let us itemise electricity bills to fully expose the cost of green levies on household bills. Then make the levies an opt in so that true believers can support them.
  Supporters could virtue signal their good deed with window stickers saying “I’m into Green and higher cost energy”.

The second is a tad deeper:


  I believe historians will look back at the shattered remains of Western civilisation and be bewildered by the extent of stupidity that brought it to such a state. The progressives will rightly be blamed for bringing the West to it’s knees with their machinations. That are concentrated on promoting mediocrity and insistence on all rigidly conforming to their socialist and eccentric dogmas. Energy policies will just be one of a myriad of reasons blamed for it’s demise. Social, economic and political policies coupled with paucity of intellectual abilities of our leaders and politicians will play a bigger role.
  Energy policy is a prime example of how progressives are leading us into making absurd, ill thought out and counterproductive decisions. As they consider sentiment and emotion are better measurements than conclusive evidence on which to formulate their policies. As for consequences that does not remotely interest them as they rely on the intention ensuring they will not be harmful. Inevitably they are. Climate change alarmists are like Columbus. They do not know where they are going, have no idea if their method of travel is appropriate and when they eventually get there they will not know where they are. In fact everything they cause us to implement is not motivated by logical reasoning or objective observation only on unsubstantiated faith like beliefs.

It never ceases to amaze me how many folk, who take the time to comment on so many sites of a political bent, display a greater perception of what’s going on, and the sad direction the country is being driven, than those who’re actually doing the driving. Wouldn’t it be grand if those up there read {red} such words on so many subjects and thought, “You know wot? I get that. Let’s have a rethink and a reboot.”

Then you give your head a shake and take a look. Theresa May-or-May-Not, Mr Hammand-Broken-Eggs, Anna Sour-Brine, a chap with a perpetual bad hair day and others. And the alternative? Jerry Carbine who believes Venezuela's doing just fine, Diane, the human abacus, some child with a double-barrelled name, Rebecca Wrong-Daily is it? Then you give your head another shake; a violent shake of despair.

You can’t help thinking that ol’ Mr Mirage may have bailed-out a tad too soon.

Quote;  Thomas Sowell.

“It is a way to take people's wealth from them without having to openly raise taxes. Inflation is the most universal tax of all.”


Caratacus said...

Mac - I wrote this on John Ward's site a few days ago (on a slightly different subject, but equally applicable, I feel)

When we were first (unbelievably) informed that we were to be allowed to have a say about Yurp, my initial reaction was one of huge relief. Surely now the great British public would rally to the call and tell the assembled worthies in HMG and the EU precisely where to poke their ideas of a federalised super-state with its over-weening fancies regarding EU forrin policies, an EU army, the euro and various other matters. Of late, however, now that we have duly delivered said eight lace-holes, I have been a bit pensive with ref. to the alternatives as presented by the representatives of HMG and the EU.

We’ve been banging on so long about wresting the right to make our own laws from our overlords in Brussels I rather fear we forgot to have a bit of a squint at the fellows in Westminster to whom this responsibility will now be referred. In short, they are appalling. I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t trust 90% of them to tie their own shoelaces unaided. They are, for the most part, stupid, self-serving, totally untrustworthy, utterly dishonest and short-sighted plonkers and I wouldn’t trust them to organise an orgy in a brothel with their private parts wrapped in new £20 notes. And yet these are the folk upon whom we will rely to write our Laws once we have left the EU.

Would anyone mind if I sort of gave up at this point and planned accordingly?

Mac said...

Mr Ward has a way with words does he not? Sadly, most of 'em quite scary...
Front and centre this evening. With thanks.
We’ll always be part of Europe but what I fear for future generations, if we stay in any way connected to the EU, is quickly becoming part of North Africa.