2 Aug 2017

And Then, A Smile...

Further to the recent fun in the comments at the expense of those stoic folk from Yorkshire, the good Ripper pointed me to one of they YouTube thingies. This should also be of interest to those planning their summer vacation flights.

Below the video is a one-liner that tickled me but to those not familiar with the Yorkshire dialect, may I suggest you play the video first to get a feel for the style of speech and then you’ll understand where the one-liner’s ‘coming from’. Then again...


Enjoy that? Right, here’s the one-liner:
”Mama Mia”; is it a classic Abba song or a Yorkshire kid telling his Mother he's arrived?

And to end, any Timidadians out there who’s trigger is easily tripped, you may want to move your mouse to prevent unintentional clicking on the bit in blue below. Just leave and spend the rest of your evening wondering wot you missed. So, moving ever north, let’s close with this timeless little classic. Bu-by.

Quote;  John Steinbeck.

“Radio and television speech becomes standardized, perhaps better English than we have ever used. Just as our bread, mixed and baked, packaged and sold without benefit of accident of human frailty, is uniformly good and uniformly tasteless, so will our speech become one speech.”

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