9 Jun 2017

And Then, A Head Shaker...

That would seem to be another fine mess you’ve made of things Teaser Maybe-gone. Oh, seems she’s staying. You know wot? This country’s crying out for a Conservative Party.

See girl? Your manifesto concentrated, in the headlines, on stripping the old and sick of your country of their castles while ‘ring-fencing’ all the aid money they can handle for other countries. Yes. I know it was better than the headline suggested but, as I said before, the headline got it. And re-visiting folk in red suits with horses and dogs chase foxes? How do you reckon that one resonated and won the vote of your ‘average hard working family’ then?

So dire was your campaign that an old raggedy assed Marxist and terrorist sympathiser, pretending to promise free stuff, almost got to the position of forming a government with a cabinet of the criminally insane.

Tell you wot girl, before the next election, try walking round your local Asda or any city centre of a Saturday afternoon and see what works with the majority – a majority who don’t read, watch or listen to any news. As for reading party manifestoes, just give your head a shake.  You think this approach will work again? Vote for me, I’m an honest vicars daughter and I’d like to empty your wallet. Or how about this. Vote for me, I’m a lying Marxist thug but I’ll give you so much free stuff your eyes’ll water. Both utter lies but which one wins votes?

You could of course, in the same locations, stop a random shopper and ask if they agreed with your manifesto item regarding fiscally responsible stimulus for small businesses or did they think it could possibly impact negatively and lead to  market and currency volatility...

No, sorry, I don’t buy it. I’m in full foil jacket mode with no idea of the game we’re all involved in, what the rules are or how you score. However, someone does and I’m guessing we’re on track for some sort of final whistle; a final whistle that I’m guessing is going to be a doozey.

Anyhoo, she’s met the Queen and is going to soldier-on? How sad; from the rocky place she’s taken us to, bu-by would’ve been good.

Quote;  Christopher Buckley.

“How many times had those awful words – ‘I know what I'm doing’ - been uttered throughout history as prelude to disaster?”


Anonymous said...

One could almost imagine coming up with the elderly ill bashing robbing wheeze if one actually wanted to lose the election for some reason.

Job done far as i can see, twenty pieces of silver for the May, kerching, the only fly in the tory 'scupper Brexit but blame it on some other schmuck' plan is the Northern Irish contingent, who might have a bit of an old fashioned view about things and in true MI fashion won't mince their words.


Mac said...

I agree and, for sure, the game’s afoot as they say.
You’ve probably seen the top 10 DUP items over here;


It's the comment way down below I like;
*This election fiasco has inadvertently unearthed a sacred document belonging to a lost tribe of actual conservatives."

Anonymous said...

Much obliged for the link to that nice little gem.


Mac said...

You're more than welcome.