8 Jun 2017

And Then, That’s It...

...It’s over at last and we’ve voted. And what a wondrous choice of political talent has been laid before us eh? Once this weekend of the obvious endless analysis by a steady stream of political pundits - and possibly the odd riot - is over, life can get back to normal; or at least to what passes for normal nowadays.

Having said that, even the new version of normal may well depend, to no small extent, on who wins. Whoa!! Did your screen just shudder? Sorry, that was me this end shuddering at the thought of one unlikely but not impossible outcome.

Just a thought, but every election we’re always urged to get out and vote and after every election we’re told the turn-out was disappointing. How about this. Rather than having polling stations set-up in dull, charmless school, village and church halls, why don’t they set ‘em up in pubs? That’d get ‘em out to vote and the pubs would love the traffic. Man, wouldn’t it be fun to sit with a couple or five pints and watch the fun escalate as the day progressed? In fact YouTube would probably need another ten banks of super computers just to handle the to-and-fro voting day traffic alone. A winner all round I’d say.

They could, of course, make a job of it and declare voting day a holiday and give all polling stations, that would be pubs, an amnesty from all the ‘you can’t do that in here’ stuff for twenty four hours so’s we could vote and go back to days of fading memory. Ninety percent plus voter turnout?

I’ll leave you with a couple of crackers I found in the comment streams of a couple of Guido posts yesterday. With, as ever, my thanks to the posters.

A guy at work said he had the whole Koran on CD. I asked him to burn me a copy. That's when the trouble started...

How do social workers fix a lightbulb? They don’t. They form a support group called ‘Coping With Darkness’.

Quote;  Larken Rose.

“Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering to dupe average people into accepting - or even demanding - their own enslavement.”

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