6 Jun 2017

And Then, Food...

First up for lovers of burgers who may pass a McDonalds; don’t. Pop in and try one of they Louisiana Stackers. As with all fast food of this type, when eating one you quickly convince yourself that one won’t be enough so order another. Two bites into number two you discover one was, indeed, enough. Oh, and don’t forget the Nacho chees wedges.

Anyhoo, we took lunch in a place we hadn’t tried before and my little nest of vipers partook of her usual eat or climb plate-full and I mentioned that I couldn’t believe how she managed to eat so much and yet keep her figure so trim. There was a slight bending of the truth with that but it makes ‘em happy, right?

This must’ve stuck with her as a little later she mentioned that, upon hopping onto the scales this morning, she noted with some alarm that she was almost twice the weight she’d been when we met. To this I responded, with hindsight, somewhat stupidly, that it was a lot like those TV advertising offers; a case of two for the price of one or marry one, get one free.

Later, she lightened-up and saw the funny side of this. Smiling wasn’t an option for me but she  assured me my split lip should be all healed-up in a couple of weeks or so...

While walking aimlessly round a store earlier, I spotted one of those goofy signs you’re supposed to litter your home with. No, I didn’t get one but could relate to the one I spotted that stated, “A YAWN IS A SILENT SCREAM FOR COFFEE”.

Quote;  J. R. Rim.

“Waking up to an alarm clock is getting punched in the face by time.”

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