20 Apr 2017

And Then, I Watched It...

Did you too? The Daily Politics is wot I’m talkin’ about. Hay, I’m retired and wanted something to watch while I had a little laptop lunch, okay? I eventually changed channel to catch the last half of an episode of Law and Order that was only on its tenth re-showing. As a by-the-by, did you know that only twenty-six fifteen minute episodes of the kids show, Andy Pandy, were ever made  and were repeated continuously from 1952 until 1970? How about that then?

Anyhoo, it seemed to me that the UKIP lady, Suzanne Evans-above, was a voice of normality amongst all the other noise. As for that Jack Droney-Dromey fellow, all I can say is that his name, Dromey, is close to ‘dormer’ which, when used in conjunction with the word bungalow, indicates that that bungalow has a room or two upstairs. This chap gave the impression there was nothing upstairs; just a dust encrusted attic at best.

What a sad state we’re in. And this is going to be relentlessly reaffirmed, day in night out, in glorious colour and stereo sound, for the next few weeks and then we’ll be expected to vote for the local loon that came across as the least looney of the local lot and represents the least looney gang.

Along with all the media electioneering, I believe, going on recent news, there’s room for a Labour Party centric game show; I’m A Labour MP, Get Me Out O’ Here. What a sad state we’re in.

Quote;  Molly Ivins.

“If his IQ slips any lower, we'll have to water him twice a day.”


Anonymous said...

All the Conservatives have to do is do nothing and let the obsolete remnants of the legacy parties dig their own graves.

Mac said...

I agree, they should just sit back and watch the others continually trip over themselves and each other until they eventually eat themselves.

A K Haart said...

I agree, it's a sad state we’re in but there is a funny side to it. We could even learn from it. No I'm not holding my breath but you never know.

Anonymous said...

You can almost hear the creaking realignment of the body politic.
Ossified Labour remain in a perpetual state of May-facing snarldom.
Meanwhile the LD's rip Labour a new one by slurping up some Remain strongholds. Tiny Tim must see Steptoe as their way to a sizeable parliamentary presence; maybe even Her Majasty's Opposition in the long run.
In the Crimson Corner the Toxic Dwarf keeps chipping away at her own powerbase with her Honeker-esque policies.
48 days of this bunch of cretins will likely prove unbearable to the demos. I foresee a petition to bring the GE forward to cut short our misery.
Anonymous 8:23pm

Mac said...

Nicely put - indeed, nails and heads.
There is another scenario of course and I'll try to put into type tonight.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Lessons learned? Don't even consider that breath holding thing my friend.
I believe Anonymous has pretty well got it right.