18 Apr 2017

And Then, Box Time Again...

Here we go again. You reckon that guy, wasisname, Ergan-Grinder was it? ‘winning’ over there in Turkey, had a deciding factor in this election decision? Anyhoo, which box to cross this time eh?
Teaser Maybe of the consolidation party?
Jerry Carbine, the trigger man for the money-no-problem it’s not ours party?
Timmy Forlorn of the play school party?
Paulie, Bad Boy, Nutella the leader, allegedly, of the all gone very quiet party?
Carnival Lacklustre, co-leader of the official branch of the monster raving loony party?

Of that lot, Teaser Maybe would appear to be the  least insane. Not normal but not totally insane. Put ‘em all on Wanted posters and I’m confident nobody would want any of ‘em. Man, it’s a tough call. If there was a time to introduce that ‘None Of The Above’ box, let it be now. We’ve a pretty poor choice as to who we’d like to represent us. How embarrassed and shamed do you think they’d be if nobody, absolutely nobody, turned out to vote? Just water of a ducks what now?

What can we expect for the next few weeks? Doom and gloom from that lot and them over there, sunny uplands? Will June the ninth, dependant on the outcome, be set aside as snowflake day? Do you think the BBC will be going into total, spittle-flecked hyper-drive? Has a chicken got a beak? Wake me when it’s over...

Quote;  Otto von Bismarck.

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”

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