5 Aug 2016

And Then, Questions...

It would seem that not all the nutters out there are running about with pointy things. Some are, apparently, holding down pretty good jobs in that much loved NHS and ‘running’ a children’s hospital. I’m sure there are many other nutters in high office in other places, but these nutters just happen to have broken cover.

Part of their job is, apparently, attempting to turn the roads round the hospital into no smoking or vaping areas. Yup, the roads; that area where cars, trucks and busses run around endlessly emitting noxious fumes, need to become, in their weird alternative dimension, no smoking or vaping areas.

This, they dribble, will make the hospital a friendlier place to visit. I’m betting it’d be a whole hell of a lot more friendly without the sort of sorry folk who spend their sad days dreaming up and proposing this sort of nonsense. Do these people ever listen to themselves?

Mr Puddlecote covers it in all its sad detail so, rather than repeating, bob over there, if you haven’t already, for the sorry story and then you can follow his link to have fun with take part in the hospitals survey so they may better come to understand how crazy they be.

Personally, I’d rather confront a knife wielding nutter, a nutter who most likely knows and accepts the fact he’s nuts, than have to attempt to talk a scintilla of reason into these nutters in high places who fully believe they, by dint of their high office, also have the high ground and who’s motto may well be, “Today the carpark; tomorrow we take the streets.”

The fellows jumping about with pointy things are now instantly classed by the police and media, obviously experts in the field, as suffering with mental health issues. However, these fellows wanting to ban smoking and vaping on busy, traffic polluted roads are classed as caring visionaries.

Quote;  Friedrich Nietzsche.

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”


A K Haart said...

The NHS seems to turn people into nutters. It's a major health issue they have managed to overlook.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Puddlecote rant on this subject and did my civic duty by adding my objection to the poll.

The real target of this nannyism are, of course, hospital visitors (and staff?) who pop out for a fag or a vape.

I mean, really, how many passing pedestrians will actually be toking as they wander by? It must curl the toes of the nicotine police to watch grown adults step fifty paces from the hospital entrance and (completely legally) taunt them with impunity.

Expect similar pernicious nonsense to begin to be proposed for schools, parks and similar amenities 'for sake of the children'.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Never mind, as long as the funding stream doesn't run dry and that would be us.

Mac said...

This is true and all these bans wil do is really hurt those who do indulge and are possibly looking for a little relief from what may be a stressful visit to a family member and for staff, at times, a stressful working environment.
Regards schools and such, this was mooted last year and I believe some schools are attempting to 'enforce' a ban on parents waiting outside the gates for their kids.