6 Aug 2016

And Then, A ‘Protest’...

What was that all about yesterday, other than making it difficult for law abiding folk to get to airports? Black Lives Matter? Of course they do as do the lives of those of other hues. See that? I used ‘hue’ as black isn’t a colour, right? But is it a hue? Who really cares as long as the children can ‘protest’ about whatever grabs their limited imagination on any given day.

What these folk seem to lack is a world view and I’d humbly like to mention to them that a world view won’t be found between the pages of the Guardian, the Daily Mail or pumped out by the BBC and other media outlets.

My world view was gleaned during my Grand World Tour, 1962 – 2009, less a few gap years, during which time I discovered there are many good people out there. Sadly, I also discovered there are many bad people out there and if you think black lives matter, when ol’ whitey is ‘over there’ the locals really don’t give him no thought beyond his wallet.

It became apparent, from day one away, that us of a Western persuasion, where ever we were, tended to obey the laws of the land we were in and respected the local religions, customs and traditions however weird they seemed to us. Their country, their rules, right?

We didn’t form a pressure groups as soon as there were more than one of us  and demonstrate because  we felt we were being discriminated against as official forms weren’t available in English thus burdening us with the cost of translation. We just got on with life.

As I typed before... Pardon? No, way before that but let’s not give that no never mind, if you try wot I done did type about back then... Pardon? No, way before that. Tell you wot, I’ll paste it below - you may find it’s a sobering experience. Most definitely if you’re a Timidadian.

May I humbly suggest to those flip-flop folk that they take a holiday anywhere well south, southeast or southwest of Dover, befriend a local to clue them in to some of the local expressions used jokingly and derogatorily when they see ol’ whitey, then sit at a street café and check how often they pick up on those expressions as opposed to the number of times they hear, “Oh, look, a nice white couple; we should invite them round ours for tofu tonight.”
It’s a cruel world for ol’ whitey. As any sleepy lagoon will happily tell you.

Quote;  Tone Loc.

“It's all about having fun and smiling and shaking hands.”

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