20 Aug 2016

And Then A Liquid...

While my little nest of vipers was indulging her hobby of collecting various objects from the pound store, none of which we need, never did need and never will need, I was left to my own devices and found something close to the checkout area and, I hasten to add, I’m probably miles behind the curve with this ‘discovery’.

E-cigarette liquids. I perused the display and amongst the usual cherry, chocolate and sole-of-left-boot flavours, found one I assumed to be bog standard tobacco, at 16mg, as it was called Butlers which I assumed to be a play on words for Lambert and Butlers cigarettes. Are these liquids really a pound a pop? Give my head a shake; it’s a pound store, right? Should I try a bottle? Why not? I told myself; it being me that asked the question of myself.

So, well, - and apologies if I’ve missed any other forms of starting a paragraph - with my ‘useful’ pound purchase and her ten of tat, off home it was and yesterday I tried the Butler one pound liquid. All I can say is that, for me, it works. The taste is just neutral, if that’s how to describe basically no taste at all, but, as us smokers and vapours like to state, it gave a satisfying throat-hit and all-in-all replicates wot I want it to replicate.

I now have to wrestle with the dilemma  of deciding between the two, to me, virtually identical liquids delivering virtually the same sensation; the one costing me ten pounds for four bottles, or the other costing ten pounds for ten bottles. I need time in a quiet environment to mull that one over I guess.

Quote;  John McCarthy.

“Self-righteousness has killed more people than smoking.”


A K Haart said...

Dodgy business shopping. It may be worth checking your colander collection in case it has mysteriously expanded.

Ripper said...

Until recently I had used one of these for quite a while:


But then things started to happen with it, sometimes it would switch itself off and would not come back on until a charger was plugged in for a second or so. It left me stranded a couple of times when out and I had to buy tobacco from the nearest garage. Then it fired off all on its own and burned out the atomizer. I searched for info on the net and saw that these were common problems with it.

So then I changed to one of these:


Using the same Sub-Air tank, running on the same power setting there is a world of difference. The throat hit is twice as satisfying with huge clouds of vapour in comparison, and the flavour is stronger too.

I'm now switching liquids as well. I've always had Tobacco flavours - if I wanted to taste fruit I would have a banana or something. I tried a few brands, my son in law tells me that Bargain Booze stock a very decent menthol liquid. I haven't tried that yet but have settled on the Vaporiz brand so far, they do a Classic Tobacco flavour which actually tastes like Classic Tobacco, unlike the liquid which I had always used, which was supposed to be "Tobacco with a hint of Chocolate", but didn't taste of anything after a while of using it. The Vaporiz liquid is 4 for a tenner but I would rather pay the price and have the flavour. The worst brand I have tried so far was VIP, which tasted nothing like tobacco and was very sickly.

I'm sorry but I have to ask - how many colanders did you get this time?

Mac said...

A K Haart,
The colander collection is as it was and I believe there may be an up side to that adventure in pointless shopping which I may explore this evening.

Mac said...

Flavours are not for me either. I was presented with a bottle of mint some time ago as a free sample. No problem with it but, like you and bananas, if I want a mint I'll buy a tube.
Way back when I went electric and you gave me invaluable guidence, I got me two batteries. That's what, two or more years ago? and both are still going strong and have never let me down. I guess, as with all high tech gadgets, a lot of it is down to a lucky buy. Next one I buy will probably last a week...
I need to compare the contents of the pound liquid just to see if there's anuthing scary that makes one a £1 and another £2 plus.