21 Aug 2016

And Then, It’s Windmills...

About this time last year I believe I mentioned that crows had been nibbling my cherries. At that time I mentioned to her indoors that kids little sandcastle windmills tied in the tree might deter them to some extent and that was that. Back to the sofa for the winter.

However, it seems this idea lodged in her head, and I’m amazed there’s room, and resulted, after our latest ‘hobby’ trip to a pound store, in us becoming the proud owners of eight brightly coloured kids windmills. No further colanders; just windmills.

Upon assembling said windmills shortly later, it quickly became obvious they wouldn’t be providing us with any electrickery but may, just may, give those feathered felons pause for thought.

These we, I say ‘we’ but you know what I mean, placed strategically and securely  in the fruit trees, as she’d also noted birds were now nipping at the apples and pears. It was all too late for the cherries as, sadly, they went in a couple of sittings some time ago.

That was what, three days ago and just in time for those forecast gales which, peaking round our way at fifteen mph, completely destroyed her windmills overnight. She’s now going back to the drawing board to prepare for next year. I await her plan with some trepidation.

As for the colanders, the number in our possession remains the same with just the original colander in occasional use, as her interest in acquiring new ones seems to have waned. On the bright side, these colanders could well be the antiques of the future and hers will surely, come the time, demand a premium as they’re in pristine, ‘as new’, condition and still have those little barcode sticker thingies stuck firmly in place. I need to see if we still have the till receipt as further provenance...

Quote;  Brian O’Driscoll.

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.”

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