18 Aug 2016

And Then Not Enough Action...

Seems some folk with nothing of any value to add to the sum of human existence, that would be health ‘experts’, campaigners{?} and various other wastes of space, are all bent out of shape because the government isn’t doing enough to tackle kids obesity. No mention of mummies and daddies; it’s the governments fault.

I guess these sad folk have done all kinds of studies at someone’s expense and I’m guessing that would be our expense and how cool is that then? Anyhoo, I don’t think they’ll mind me coming forward with my own real world observations.

We live quite close to a rather large primary school thus, of a morning and afternoon, there are many, nay, a lot of parents walking and driving a lot kids to and from school. That would be mainly mums. My study would suggest, based on nothing other than observing my one large school sample, that possibly one kid in a hundred is showing a bit o’ puppy fat. Absolutely no hint of a fatty epidemic is discernible at all. However, very many of the mums... 

The above is, of course, an excuse to drag the old BBC Movement to Music classic clip out of left field. Now jumping about doing that stuff would sure keep you trim, right?  Can you imagine the hand wringing outcry if this had been broadcast nowadays, in our brave new world? And if you don’t laugh, all I can say is, sadly, you must be dead.


Also of note today, it’s reported that record numbers of these supposedly fat kids are heading for uni, or, as you and I know it, university, and are like, so excited at the awesome prospect of being like, able to continue in their attempts to master reading, writing and like, doing that sums stuff you do with like, all different numbers.

To finish, this being the end as I have nothing further to add, there’s another cracker over at Darth Meerkat. Bu-by.

Quote;  Phyllis Diller.

"We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk, and the next twelve years telling them to sit down and shut up."

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