13 Jul 2016

And Then, That Is That...

This is the day Dave bows out. Gone and soon to be forgotten. Many years in the future, when histories of these times are written by scholars, his brief period on the stage will most likely be deserving of a minimal number of pages. However, when the twenty-first century history of Libya, Syria and the wider Middle East is written, that could be a whole heck of a different kettle of a ball game played by fish.

What’s stuck in my mind over this present period is that the media are still fighting for remain and yesterday some BBC program had a host of young folk, representing ‘in’ and ‘out’, who were presenting their thoughts on the elevation of Theresa Mayhem and the road ahead.

Firstly, it was all but impossible to spot who the ‘leave’ representatives were and secondly, and this may just be me, is there anybody below the age of thirty who can form a sentence without sprinkling it with ‘like’? On reflection, is it something to do with that Facebook thingy? I believe folk fight for ‘likes’ on there, right? Does that mean they log how many times they got to say ‘like’ in a day? Like some sort of online game?

Probably not; and lets not start on those sentence starting irritants of ‘Well’ and ‘So’. The other favourite, ‘awesome’, seems to be dropping out of popularity at the moment. Oh, I mustn’t, like, forget ‘selfie’.

What hope is there for the future? Well, I believe those that get there will, like, find the future anything but awesome and see little to no point in doing that selfie thingy although it’s not often I’m right and I’m probably wrong again.

Am I just a sad old man? Are people out there, at this very moment, wishing I’d, like, stop using ‘however’? I’m guessing you’re right. So, I’m just an awesomely sad old selfie then.

Quote; Doug Larson.

“If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.”

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