12 Jul 2016

And Then, Deft Needlework...

Thus it seems it’s come full needle point circle. We had an election and the winning thugs got over the line by promising an EU In/Out referendum to shoot the purple fox.  The referendum didn’t quite pan out as expected and Dave, Cometh The Hour, Runneth The Boy, was roundly accused of having no plan B.

I beg to differ and over the past few days I believe we’ve been witnessing the most cunning and devious of all possible B plans which, as I type, is coming to fruition. A stitch-up to beat all stitch-ups. Full circle we be. Did you enjoy the spin? 

Dave moves on to continue filling his boots, the governing thugs do a little house cleaning at the bidding of the real rulers, Jerry Carbine’s thugs, while assisting in the plan by acting as a distraction, also sort themselves out, somewhat, and the Libs and Greens and similar... No idea.

The purple fox may have been shot but not fatally and is, I’m sure, just watching and waiting for the perfect time to re-enter the chicken house.

And the seventeen million plus of us who wanted out, what do we do now? Shout a bit then *meekly accept it all? It simply comes down to mind over matter.  What ever we do right now,  ‘they’ won’t mind because we don’t matter.

Quote;  Ambrose Bierce.

“*Meekness: Uncommon patience in planning a revenge that is worth while.”

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