10 Jul 2016

And Then He Be Covered...

And so it goes on. It now seems that after the Leave voters got the establishment all bent out o’ shape and Dave dodged off, the number two new candidate for leader seems to be continuing the winding process with the final say on who will be the new prima donna of the UK down to party members i.e. just people. This seems to have rattled the establishment and resulted in project fear being quickly replaced with project smear as they fight back with a vengeance. My advice to Mrs Leadsom? No walks in the woods girl, okay?

Well, so, anyhoo, I got that tablet toy and shot off to town a few days thereafter to get a cover or case for him. Why didn’t I look round for one the day I got the tablet? No idea; another little mystery of old age I guess. I tried all the tech superstores, not sure why I tried ‘em all as the only difference in ‘em all is the name over the door, supermarkets and smaller ‘independent’ stores.

The covers on offer where all priced round the twenty and up mark, weighed in a tad more than the tablet itself and none had the magic, magnetic sleep and wake activation dealy-bob that I was wanting.

I’m, like, what shall I do now? Next morning I fired up the laptop and plunged into the net of all stuff and five minutes later I’d located one with wot I wanted. Where did I find him? Seems it’s somewhere up a really big river in South America. It’s not a case to offer full, throw him in the overhead of a long-haul flight and believe he’ll be good sort o’ protection - but for me, sleep/wake and screen protection when he’s sitting on the coffee table, he do be good.

Surprisingly, for a few dollars more, I could get next day delivery from way over there. Don’t need that – regular works for me and that evening I received an e-mail letting me know my item was ready to dispatch. How, like, awesome is that?

Next morning I got me another e-mail from the river letting me know my package would be delivered in two days. This was followed right quick by one asking me to answer the front door. Sure enough, there was man with package.

So there you go; ordered of a morning, at a cost, including regular mailing, way below the high street offerings, none of which had the sleep and wake function, and it was delivered the very next morning. And they wonder why the high street’s dying?

If you’re the slightest bit interested and have a Galaxy Tab A, here he be.  Oh, you left after the first paragraph...

Quote;  Douglas Coupland.

“...most guys have about 73 calories of shopping energy, and once these calories are gone, they're gone for the day - if not the week - and can't be regenerated simply by having an Orange Julius at the Food Fair.”


A K Haart said...

My wife's tablet has the magic, magnetic sleep and wake activation dealy-bob and now her new Kindle has one too. Eventually we won't know what on/off buttons are.

Caratacus said...

Well call me old Mr. Thicky if you will, but my favourite tablet these days is small, pink, triangular in shape and answers to the name of Voltarol Retard 75mg. Keeps the old bod going as I edge inexorably toward the date when the Memsahib judges that I may be allowed to retire ...