7 Jul 2016

And Then, Holiday Flights...

With all the gloom and doom swirling around at the moment, what with Tony in the Chilly-cot and our betters attempting to ‘use’ the democratic system to bestow Theresa Mayhem upon us as our new leader, a leader the elite want but the people probably don’t want, I would imagine many of you will be saying, what the hay, let’s plan our summer holidays and get out of this place for a while.

With this in mind, it gives me the perfect excuse to inbred – no, wait a minute – embed, that’s better, a great little video, that never gets old, relating to something you holiday planners should approach with caution; organising your flights. Especially if you’re determined to save a few pounds.

Please be aware that there are a couple of pauses for applauses in the video so don’t think it’s over. If you do, however, assume it’s over at the first pause, you’ll be totally unaware that  there’s more and a similar pause a tad later. Of course, if you don’t play the video you really won’t be bothered about any pauses. Or applauses.

Finally, any Timidadians tuned in? Naughty words warning so please, please don’t click on anything unless you can get to your safe space right quick, okay? Everyone else, lighten up and enjoy a good laugh. Again. And again.


Quote;  Milton Berle.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”


Ripper said...

Brilliant stuff Mac! I haven't heard Fascinating Aida for what seems like an eternity. Dillie Keane is a great comedian, I used to like her commenting on "Grumpy Old Women". No doubt you've heard the Dogging song. Its my favourite.


Mac said...

Laugh every time I play that track. It's all so close to the truth.
Yup, I've listened to the Dogging number although I don't fully understand it... It's about what now?!?! Those girls aint shy, eh? A great team.