15 Jul 2016

And Then, Another...

...tragedy in France and as terrible as it was, it’ll be followed in a couple of days by the sadly predictable procession of folk doing that teddy bears and tea-lights routine. Would not finding one of the main nests of these whackos and, rather than twinkly little tea lights, light the sucker up with napalm serve as a better mark  of respect to all the victims? 

How about for every innocent victim resulting from one of these despicable acts our leaders, yeah, I know, throughout Europe, closed one of their places of, allegedly, worship? Starting from where we are, that’d be eighty plus getting shutdown as I type. I’d guess that many ‘communities’ would very quickly be ‘disappearing’, of a dark and stormy night, any amongst them who had a hint of being a lone wolfy.

Just a thought, but as trucks seem to be the upcoming weapon of choice for these nutters, I sure do hope that, when we get to the stage of self driving wagons, the computer control systems have really, really good firewalls.

Here’s a comment from Coffeehouse that sums up the aftermath to this horror to perfection. Usual stuff I say every time I do that copy and paste thingy although it would seem the commenter did it before me. I now have the spooky feeling I’ve read – as usual, please read, ‘read’ as red – this before...

This is copy and pasted from the Guardian. The commenters there are saying pretty much the same as here and fed up with this evil inflicted upon us.
what will happen next :
1) A lame hashtag will be set up by people who think taking action begins and ends in a re-tweet
2) There will be some sort of solidarity march, some aimless gathering to make people feel good about not actually doing anything
3) World leaders will condemn the attack whilst simultaneously making sure never to mention wahabi islam and its main supporters
4) The mainstream liberal media will offer up a somber tone & recant tales of the lost lives of the innocent dead but will simultaneously run small editorial articles by multiculturalist puritans who will tell us how although they are horrified by the attacks their concerns now lie with the possible reprisals on muslims
5) Reprisals will amount to someone throwing a bag of pork scratchings into a mosque car park & a muslim being called a terrorist on the tube
6) The media will begin running articles about how muslims feel unsafe in Europe because of our intolerance, we are tacitly reminded to feel bad about ourselves
7) We await the next attack

Quote;  Jean de La Fontaine.

“Dressed in the lion's skin, the ass spread terror far and wide.”

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