18 Jul 2016

And Then, It Came To Pass...

Time to move on now as the flowers have been arranged, little candles lit, teddy bears posed, hands held, arms linked, selfies of group hugs taken and sad songs sung.

A quick note to all attendees; please keep checking Twitter and other social media outlets for any news relating to the date and location of the next major Summer of Sadness gig of the current European tour. Information will be posted, in the not too distant future,  as details become available.

Finally, before you leave, please remember to collect your teddy bears, once the TV crews have left, so’s you can get them cleaned-up ready for the next gig. Thank you.

Looking around it seems the world’s going to hell - not so much in a handcart, but more in a super sized ship. Having typed that, would you like to end up living in one of these apartments? Even for just a few weeks? No?


I guess big boat cruising isn’t for you either then...


Quote;  Confucius.

“We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression.”

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