20 Jul 2016

And Then, Sunny Daze...

And it came to pass we’ve had a couple of warm to hot days and the general population has cast off several, and in the case of the more ugly amongst us, all layers of their outer garments. Mercifully, the MSM and various health bods have been on hand to pass on helpful advice to the dumb and yet dumber.

Keep out of the sun but if you must sally forth, the wearing of loose fitting, light coloured clothing is recommended. No idea what that nudge is all about. Oh, and get yo’ ass round and check on elderly neighbours.

With this last bit in mind, I donned suitable clothing – an old white bed sheet with a hole cunningly cut for my head to protrude through which I loosely wrapped in an old white towel, exposed skin areas doubly lathered in sun-block and a litre bottle of water, as I was out of gin, – and set off on the perilous journey down our path and up their path to check on a pair of elderly neighbours of ours. I was hoping upon hope that they would answer their door quickly so I could enter and recover in shelter before embarking on the, no less perilous, sun drenched, return journey to home.

As I reached our front gate, I realised our elderly neighbours were quite a bit younger than wot I be and as they hadn’t been banging on my door to check me out, I decided they definitely weren’t worth the effort involved in walking up their garden path and hitting a door so I scampered back to the safety of home.

Not to worry; they are, indeed, sort of elderly so fully understanding of the concept of hot, cold, wet and/or windy weather and the common sense ‘precautions’ to take dependant on the prevailing conditions. It’s called doing what comes naturally. Common sense; sadly, a concept that seems to die a little with each passing generation.

Quote;  Rachel Caine.

“God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.”


Ripper said...

"With this last bit in mind, I donned suitable clothing"

So did I, at 38 degrees inside the building, I donned thick fireproof overalls, a hood made from the same heavy material that covers the whole head, large heavy leather gauntlets, a leather sleeve for the left arm, a fibreglass visor over the hood and an air pack on a belt, with the equivalent output of an asthmatic mouse. I think I lost half my body weight overnight.

Mac said...

Does your kit have a beeper that sounds when you’re cooked right through?
An old song for you and your colleagues this evening. Enjoy{?}