24 Jun 2016

And Then, That Is It...

May I offer my heart-felt congratulations and happy daze to one and all who voted leave and, believe me, it was your vote wot won it. A perfect example of positive thought by the not so little people. It’s also good to see we got a ‘two for one vote’ deal with boy Dave gettin’ a kickin’ an’ quittin’. Probably scared of the idea of actually having to be a leader, right?  Dave ol’ buddy; it’s been well below average knowing you.  Bu-by. And take that damn cat with you!!

May I also say to those who voted remain; it’s over. There’s now nobody to hold your hand or wipe your bottom for you. You’re on your own so it’s time for you to find a learning centre near your home, sign-up for a basic anatomy course, re-locate your backbone and join us in the great adventure that lies ahead. There’s a country to rebuild out here and, left alone, lion hearts will get it done. The ‘building site’ will be no place for Timidadians.


Quote;  Criss Jami.

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”

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