23 Jun 2016

And Then, That’s it...

I made my inky mark this A.M. and that, as they say, is all I can do. All I can do now is hope many more people choose the same box as I did as opposed to those sad folk who may choose the other box. The usual thing to say right now is that, whatever the result tomorrow, life will go on much the same as before. However, this time I’m not so sure that will ring true. I’m guessing change, for better or for worse, is coming our way.

We were in London on Tuesday and looking back, how lucky was that then as we managed to miss the beautification of that deceased, unknown MP, speeches by Mr Carbine and now flooding. Someone truly smiled upon us.

The day was good and everything we had planned was achieved and I had the chance to brush-up on my pigeon English.

One point, if you haven’t been down that way for a long time, when you hit the underground there no longer be ticket sales desks. Remember them? Where you asked for two tickets to, say Piccadilly, got them and the sales person would offer helpful directional guidance and platform numbers? Now? All machines. All designed in the belief only hardened commuters will ever travel down there and the chance that elderly out-of-Towner's could be down there given nary a thought. Never mind foreign tourists. To be fair, once at the machine, being careful to choose one that offered to give change, it was pretty straight forward.

I did make one wrong turn upon our return. I was convinced we were on the right subway platform for Kings Cross but the more I looked at that spaghetti map the less sure I became. An announcement stated that the train was delayed and at that moment a rail working person rolled up so I enquired of him if the delayed train would indeed take us to Kings Cross. The response was like listening to myself.
”That it will; if you don’t mind going via Glasgow. A better way would be to go back topside, look up and you’ll see a really big sign saying Kings Cross in really big letters and a really big arrow showing you the way to the correct platform. Bu-by.”
I smile, thanked him very big, collected her along the platform and we headed back up.
”You get wrong platform, right?”
”No, no. He just tell me better way because this train is late.”
She gave me a look that said, ‘You got wrong platform and made last bit up.’

And so it was we made it to Kings X direct rather than via Glasgow.

Opposite Kings Cross is a Chop Chop Noodle Bar where we got evening nose-bag before heading home. If you like Chinese, you get very fast service and huge servings. My little nest of vipers had the seafood soup and beef in black bean sauce. The ‘soup’, more a main course, came in what was close to a litre bucket and would’ve easily served four and the contents suggested a Sea World somewhere is short a bunch of attractions. The beef dish? Could’ve served another four. Mine? Four more.

I quite enjoy Chinese food and as they say, rice is nice if you’re really hungry and fancy two thousand of something.

Anyhoo, back to the ‘big day’; think happy thoughts through the next many hours and let’s generate all the positive energy we can. Good luck to one and all and let’s hope we awake to freedom tomorrow morning.

Quote;  Bette Midler.

“When it's three o'clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London.”


Caratacus said...

Independence Day 23rd June 2016. Don't know about you Mac, but I've got this stupid grin on my face this morning and it just won't go away. To quote my son who wrote earlier this morning, "Lubly, and, if I may be permitted the observation, a little bit Jubly" :-)

Mac said...

Yup, I do be grinning...
This is the day we start our walk towards the light.
Just watched that little coward Farron declaring this day to be the end of just about everything and that other fellow, Chuka-ma-toys-outa-ma-pram whining about it not being a big majority. I’m betting it would’ve been a HUGE majority had the result been the opposite.
A great day; party hearty good friend!!