25 Jun 2016

And Then, Experts...

You watched or listened to the BBC since the ‘out’ win? Has nobody told them it’s over and they can stop with the gloom and doom stories? Isn’t it supposed to be the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation? Isn’t it supposed to be supportive of the country? Shouldn’t ‘they’ now be bigging-up the future and the opportunities available to one and all? They truly are the pits. As, it must be said, are the other lot. Patriotic? Can they even spell it?

Hold that! I’ve just seen a re-play of wot Digby Jones said on BBC this morning. Absolutely spot on that Lord! You know how to find stuff on that iPlayer thingy? Worth a try.

Also, you remember all those experts boy Come-undone insisted he’d listened to? And who wouldn’t listen to experts, right? It’s interesting to hear all the experts, I mean all the experts, when asked what happens next, now we’re heading out {are we?**}, answer that they honestly haven’t got a scooby.

Experts? Government? It’s like the thought of an ‘out’ vote was so far removed from their world there was absolutely no need to consider the idea at all. Remember back in our day the one thing we were always taught via the old quote? Always expect the unexpected - and you won’t go too far wrong.

And another thing; I see the online petition for a re-run is well over a million. There are comments all over the place relating to this and how sad these snowflakes are not to be able to accept the result of a democratic vote. I agree, but then I wondered, if the rolls were reversed, if it’d be any different. Lost boxes? Rigged postal votes? Aliens ate my ballot paper? Refreshments offered at polling stations containing mind bending drugs? We like to think it wouldn’t happen as we like to believe we’re on the side of all that’s right, but...

While sliding through various sites, two comments jumped out at me. The first, I have nary a clue where it was so apologies.

Hope has won in the face of fear.

The second I believe was at Guido Fawkes place and gave me great relief from the downing and drowning I was being subjected to by the news channels. Many thanks. I need to remember this little pearl...

”Was in Tesco's earlier and I heard the cashier ask a foreign couple if they needed help packing their bags...  I thought... F**k me. That started quicker than I expected.”

**Okay, why haven’t we invoked Article 50 then? Isn’t that the only legal way we can actually leave? Why are we waiting? What’s going on here?  Is that a really big rattus norvegicus I can smell? Do I need to re-sharpen the tines of my pitchfork?

Quote;  Suzy Kassem.

“People nowadays talk about the world's problems like they're reading lines off a teleprompter. They recite what they're told and echo it without thinking. It has become easier to divide people than to unify them, and to blind them than to give them vision. We are no longer unified like a bowl of Cheerios. Instead, we have become as segregated as a box of Lucky Charms. Every day we see the same leprechauns on TV acting like they're the experts of everything.”


Caratacus said...

Thank you ... just did the nose trick with a sip of perfectly serviceable malt whisky when I read Mick's comment.

The Memsahib had already made me sit and watch Lord DJ earlier this morning and I thought he spoke more sense in five minutes than any of the windbags in the previous twenty-four hours.

Mac said...

Sorry about your drink but when I first read that comment, I did the same. And it’s still making me chuckle...
I just found the BBC bit featuring LDJ in that whirlpool they call YouTube so I’ll post it this evening.