26 Jun 2016

And Then, A Cool Voice...

Further to the post of yesterday, forgetting for a moment the Tesco comment which is still making me laugh, relating to the misery we have to endure via the BBC and other ‘news’ sources, regarding their doom laden coverage of our countries future, a post in which I mentioned one glorious ray of sunshine, I found the sunshine moment in question. It’ll make your heart sing. Better yet, you think that BBC fellow’s squirming a tad as he seems unable to wring even a hint o’ doom out of the good Lord?

Oh look!! The BBC are still at it with the luvvies{?} and snowflakes - that being the descriptive word for those sort of children I picked-up from Nourishing Obscurity - at that Glastonbury horror show! You know what? I’ve a very creepy feeling that this victory may yet be ripped from our hands. We have a ‘leader’ who’s hiding under the bed-cloths,  clutching his teddy and sobbing, then there’s Jerry Carbine being strafed by his own troops and now Scotty Nicky Stun-gun saying that if she can’t have her favourite take-away NOW, she’ll block the whole shebang. What a mess.

Anyhoo, for now compare that wot is below to the pitifully forlorn Farron on TV this AM – can’t find a clip yet - talking the country down and throwing in the ‘fact’ that the markets had ‘tanked’  and the pound had ‘crashed’. And that’s only the start, said the lad. Meanwhile, in our world, the FTSE closed down about three percent and the pound went down, then back up  to year start levels. Tanked and crashed? Do these children feel no shame?  I’m betting forlorn made his mum walk him to and from school, holding his little hand right tight, right up to the day he left – a couple of years ago.

Dioclese summed it up with a UKIP quote. “It was a very British apocalypse – it was all over by teatime!”

What can we did? Take heart from this big hearted fellow:


With regards to Article 50, I believe this was covered by a commenter, Faulkner Orkney, over at I now know not where so please accept the usual, and oft repeated, apologies.

”I believe, as we speak, there is a committee discussing the possibility of composing a policy statement document outlining proposals to be submitted to the ratification sub-committee in anticipation of the leadership forming a composite motion detailing future plans with regard to their policy.”

Quote;  Stephen King.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

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