27 Jun 2016

And Then It’s Obvious...

...that there’s absolutely nobody in charge anymore and we’re left with the sound and vision ‘news’ media continuing with their relentless scaring of the gullible and the running down of our country - completely unchallenged. I think this comment, relating to Labours cabinet of shadows, pretty well sums up the whole sorry mess we find ourselves in;

”What we're seeing is by now the huge gap between the country's requirements for governance and the jaw-dropping inadequacy of our political class.”

Away from all that sort of thing, here’s something that may be of interest to a few of you.

I fired up the computer this morning and was presented with one of they Windows incomprehensible text message boxes. This one noted that Windows had detected another computer using the same I.P. address as this computer.

Upon careful digestion of this technical message, I eventually came to the conclusion that what it meant was another computer was using the same I.P. address as this computer. After giving this yet further thought, I thought, what’s that all about then?

What to do? Try, as mentioned before, Shields Up? Right or wrong, why not and guess wot, a port was open again. Guess wot port; yup, DCOM which is, guess wot, yup, a Windows communication port.

Was this opened again by a bully Billy Windows 10 update? No idea but if it was, Bill, it’s just considered good manners to knock on the door and wait until you’re invited in – not to just climb through the kitchen window and join me on the sofa, okay?

Anyhoo, I ran DCOMbobulator again, re-started and that has closed the port and got rid of the I.P. address warning thingy.

On further investigation it may well be the new tablets fault and would appear not to be anything to be too alarmed about. This doesn’t answer the question regarding a port getting reopened though.

Long story short; Running Windows 10? If you wish to make sure all you’re ports are secure from bad folk after Windows updates, check ‘em using Shields Up - I scan ‘All Service Ports’ - or any other port sniffing stuff you may know about. Is Windows 10 the culprit? I don’t know, but I’ll be scanning ports a tad more regularly now.

As an added point of interest, the spell-chequer had a hell of a problem with DCOMbobulator.



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