28 Jun 2016

And Then A Result...

I see we’re out of Europe on so many levels now.

I do, however, believe that many young people didn’t get the football result they really expected and thus they probably spent the night in their safe spaces, bighting their pillows and sobbing, thus I believe an on-line petition should be started right now, on their behalf, asking, nay, demanding the game be replayed and this time round the Icelandic team should be instructed to play blindfolded thus giving those plucky English lads the chance to get the result they so richly deserved and the young so wanted/expected.

As for the team manager, it’s good to see he’s also following our Prime Mincers example of strong, resolute leadership and living up to the old adage; when the going gets tough - quit.

      England {Snowflakes} - 1    Iceland {Snowstorm} – 2     


Yeah, I know those little guys don’t live up the ways. It just fits the bill so well and it made me laugh is all.

Quote;  Vince Lombardi.

“If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?”

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