29 Jun 2016

And Then, It’s A Farce...

I still believe the Leave bit of the referendum, the bit wot won, is going to be either ignored or watered down using so much water the winning result will be drowned out to a wet remain.

The MSM is still in all-in overdrive and we even saw that a conservative MP, Anna Sour-loser, stopping off on her way to ‘work’, taking time out to address a bunch of young things demonstrating against democracy, and sobbing how she just couldn’t believe the result and her old mum was still in shock.  Plus the Leave ‘leaders’, they’re winners by the way, seem to be pretty much on the side of a sort of remain now.  I also feel Mr Mirage may have made his happy hour speech a tad too soon.

It’s a bit like being a passenger stuck on a pedalo needing to get upstream, on a leisurely downstream flowing river, to a place called Art Fifty, with the port pedals unmanned as the left are busy destroying themselves without the assistance of the voters, and the starboard pedals  being pumped in the astern direction by the right.

Sadly, with the port pedals unmanned, this is resulting in our pedalo turning in ever decreasing circles. However, the lazy downstream flow of the river is doing the work of the starboard peddler and gently, but with ever increasing speed, carrying us back towards the rock strewn rapids of remain. All ably assisted by the bitter head breeze of the MSM.

The only life-ring I see on these turbulent waters is that if we do, indeed, run back onto the rocks of remain and founder, at the next general election, with the young back in their safe spaces and seventeen plus million voters knowing they’ve been cheated by the elite, there’s every chance a purple tide will wash over the land. 

Was that a watery post or wot?

Quote;  Israelmore Ayivor.

“Remember as there are people that can help you to roll[sic] the boat of your dreams, there are also people who can drill holes under that boat to make it sink.”

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